Bose smart speakers and soundbars from Best Buy

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Bose smart speakers and soundbars offer music lovers the perfect music listening experience in their own home. As a person living with depression, music heals me. Every day my music playlists on Spotify support me, guide me, and inspire me. Having quality sound accessible at the tip of my tongue is magic. I ask Alexa, she plays all my favorites through the high quality smart speakers. MAGIC.

Best Buy Bose Smart Speakers and Soundbars

Bose smart speakers and soundbars

Filling each room of my home with music is difficult without powerful Bose smart speakers and soundbars. I don’t live in a huge house, but I do have two floors. I move around the house all day long, and spend time outdoors on my lovely deck. The beauty of working from home: working from any part of my home. Carrying my phone, playing music off my playlists, is a little annoying.

Best Buy’s Bose smart speakers, as well as their super thin soundbars, hook up with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I tell Alexa what music I wish to enjoy, and boom. It’s pumping through my home. If the kids are home, we can all listen to whatever we want on our own speakers. The Boy controls his with an app on the iPad, whilst Little Miss controls hers with her Android phone. Yep. Bose smart speakers and soundbar work with not just Amazon Alexa Voice Control, but also the Bose Music App.

Features for days

Since I play my music relatively loudly, it’s beneficial having a Bose Home Speaker 500. The 8-mic array picks up my voice even when my music is at full-volume. Same goes for the Bose Soundbar 700, which also utilizes ADAPTiQ audio-room calibration. Sound quality is important to Bose, and any chance they have to improve how their speakers work in your home, they’re taking advantage of.

If you’re old school and don’t have Alexa Amazon in your home, and aren’t into controlling things with an app, that’s fine. Remotes, or controls on each unit, make it easy to use Bose speakers and soundbars. No worries. Plus, software on the units makes sure to keep all your goodies up-to-date, and working like well-oiled machines!

Invest in great sound, my friends. Music heals the soul, and lifts your spirits. Head to Best Buy to score your Superior Bose Sound!

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