Brighten someone’s day with Cookies By Design

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Sometimes, you just want to send a little gift for no other reason than to brighten someone’s day. Other times, you want to send a gift to say:

  • Happy Birthday
  • wish someone a get well after a certain someone break’s, let’s say, a collar bone, like a certain little boy
  • say “Happy Anniversary;”
  • perhaps someone out there who isn’t a fan of returning to school would be happy to see a “Back to School” cookie bouquet

Cool looking cookies make any situation awesome. Well, not just cookies, but cookies that taste great, as well as look cool!

Brighten Someone's Day with Cookies By Design

Brighten someone’s day with Cookies By Design

I’ve received many “food” gifts over the years. It’s fun, and exciting to have a package of treats delivered to my door. The letdown of them not tasting as awesome as they look, it’s just depressing. RIGHT?!! Let’s not let down anyone else in our lives. Instead, how about we all agree to send food gifts that taste as good as they look! Can we make a pact to do this? Good.

Cookies By Design showed up on a day that was just spiraling out of control. It started out bad, and just kept going down the toilet. The kids heard a knock on the front door while I was downstairs doing something, and called to me someone was at the door. I ran up to see what disaster was waiting for me. No disaster at all. Just a man standing on my stoop with cellophane wrapped cookies.

“Are you Staci?” this lovely young man asked me.

“Yes! Yes, I am.”

Hello beautiful Emojis, hello!

Cookies By Design Emoji Cookie Bouquet #cookiesbydesign #sponsored #foodreview

Sweet Emoji Cookies from Cookies By Design

The message on the center cookie totally made me smile, and it changed the entire mood of my day. We couldn’t wait to crack the cellophane open, and dig into the Sweet Emojis bouquet inside. Holy smokes, I wish I had SMELL-O-VISION, or scratch ‘n sniff on my website! Sorry, I don’t, so please don’t scratch your screen. Just order a bouquet and experience the bakery aroma when you open the cellophane.

When I untied the bow, and opened up the bag, I thought I had just walked into a bakery. I didn’t want to take the bouquet out of the bag. I just sat on my deck, with the cookies in my lap, my head in the bag. Odd, but true. I’m able to admit how strange it seems, how odd I looked, and what my neighbors were probably thinking as they witnessed the crazy lady with her head in a bag of emojis.

Emojis cookies smell like a bakery #scratchnsniff #bakedgoods #cookiesbydesign #sponsored

Sharing the personalized cookies

In my head, I had to psyche myself up. Talk myself into releasing the cookies…..

“Okay, shake it off, Staci. Shake it off. You have to do more than just sit here, with these cookies in your lap. Continue on, these kids look like they are going to revolt if I don’t let them chow down.”

The kicker? I’m not even a sweets-eating kind of gal. You know the aroma had to be amazing for me to want to relish in it for so long. Finally, I reached into the bag, pulled the bouquet out, and introduced the kids to the emojis. So cute.

Sweet Emojis Cookies By Design #emojis #cookiebouquet #foodreview #sponsored

These kids, they didn’t care about which emoji was which. They just wanted to eat them. Little Miss chose the one laughing so hard, it was crying big, blue tears. The Boy? My little sensitive boy, he went right for the hearts for eyes emoji cookie. Each of them, being the sharing, caring brats that they are, broke off pieces of their cookies for me to try. Cute, right? Yeah, so much for it being mine. I get crumbs, and pieces broken off from their snack time.

Isn’t that always the case?

Little Miss, and The Boy loved the cookies. Surprisingly, they don’t taste like cardboard. I don’t know what they put in those cookies, but they tasted fantastic. Fresh, tasty, and cute! If you’ve run out of ideas for gifts, and don’t want to send a fruit basket, check out the huge selection on Cookies By Design! You won’t have any disappointed recipients of a Cookies By Design bouquet.

Sweet Emojis #sweetemojis #cookiesbydesign #sponsored

Say it with cookies - Enjoy a wide variety of gifts & treats for every occasion from Cookies by Desi

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