Calorease can eliminate up to 18g of dietary fat

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We all want to lose a few pounds. Many of us want to lose more than a few, some just want to fit into a certain dress for an upcoming event. However, most of us don’t want to give up our slice of cake, or chocolate mousse with whipped cream. We try to eat healthy all day long, but then dinner is done…..and you just want to have a little something while you watch TV. I know I’m not alone! No matter how healthy I eat, I still want something “bad” for me! Well, that’s kind of where Calorease steps in. Calorease can eliminate up to 18g of dietary fat. It’s also fairly new to the world, so let me tell you a bit about it.

#weightmanagement #caloreaseI eat healthy most of the day.

I’m a girl who eats clean, I get my exercise in, and you know what? I still want to have things that I grew up loving. Once in a while, if I want to have a little popcorn with butter at the movies, I want to be able to do that without packing on the extra weight. Am I wrong? I could be, but that’s me and it’s helpful to have a little extra something to keep the weight off when I choose to indulge in a few “not great for me” snacks!

A little treat doesn’t have to sabotage my weight loss!

Throughout the day, I’m disciplined with a very healthy diet. I manage to stick to it all through the day. However, I have my moments. Sometimes those moments happen a few days in a row, around a certain time of the month. During times like that, I notice when I indulge, the weight starts to creep back up, and I have to spend extra time losing that before I can continue on my weight loss and healthy living journey! What’s a girl to do? Well, a reach for a little help if it’s available!

Calorease is super easy to use.

Calorease comes in a box, which includes enough packs to last 15 days. It doesn’t have any kind of aftertaste, it also has no STIMULANTS, and it has helped me indulge, without any weight being added to the scale. Now, I only used it for 15 days. I wouldn’t use it for any longer than 15 days. I’m all for indulging without putting on the weight again, but I’m not okay with relying on any kind of pills to make sure my weight stays off!

Learn more about Calorease so you can make an educated choice.

My personal opinion of the whole thing? When I’m having a few days where I stress eat, or there’s that monthly week of fun all use ladies have to endure – having these in the house is helpful. It helped me during my most recent monthly bill, and perhaps it might help someone else! All you can do is educate yourself on their website, and then give it a try if you feel it’s something you want to try.


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