Why I chose LASIK eye surgery to correct my vision

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Why I chose LASIK eye surgery to correct my vision is not a simple answer. So many factors contributed to my desire to have my vision corrected with LASIK eye surgery 12 years ago. The impetus that started it all? The need for freedom! Freedom from my glasses. Sounds simple, right? It’s not!

Why I chose to get LASIK eye surgery to correct vision


Why I chose to get LASIK eye surgery to correct vision

Growing up, I didn’t have vision issues. It hit when I was in my teens. Although glasses were recommended, I chose not to wear them. Perhaps if I had, the vision issues might not have progressed as far as they ended up progressing. However, the darn things gave me headaches. The headaches came. Adjusting the prescriptions never helped, nor did manipulating the frames. It was just easier to sit closer to the board, so I could see better. Honestly, I got really good at listening, so I didn’t have to look at the board.

However, driving was an issue. Unfortunately, after high school, my eyes were worse. Longer drives were bothering my eyes, and I had to suck it up and throw those glasses on. I even got sunglass clip ons, so I didn’t have two pairs of glasses to keep track of. But the headaches? They were bad. Most of my life, was me walking around deciding what would be worse: not seeing what’s in front of me, or having a headache all day. Good times.

Fear of things in my eye

If you know me well, you know I don’t like anyone near my eyes. Contact lenses were never an option for me. I couldn’t stomach having to put them in each day, and take them out each day. No way in hell. I was getting a bit desperate as the years went on, and finally started to research other options. I’m not sure why I bit the bullet and called the eye care office, but I did. I picked up the phone, and dialed, and hung up, at least three days in a row. After suffering from a migraine that could have killed a small village, I just went for it.

It was a free consultation to see if I was a good candidate. No harm, no foul. The surgical coordinator could tell I was nervous as hell to just be making the appointment. I told her “I don’t know how I’ll do this, because I have a fear of things in my eye – lenses, fingers, drops.” She assured me the staff could handle me, we set the appointment, and shockingly, I kept it.

Put at ease

What led me to want LASIK was the freedom from glasses, and headaches. What convinced me to go through with it? The eye care office staff was amazingly patient, and kind. It was their mission to put me at ease.  A calming staff made sure I was comfortable, and no matter how much time it took to get me through each step of the process, they never rushed me.

What sticks out the most, even 12 years later, is their willingness to adapt to my comfort levels. One staff member was great at getting drops into my eyes. She was on my chart, so when I had any appointments, they made sure she was on rotation for my appointment. Even the surgeon, on the day of surgery, always did everything from behind me. He never came at me from the front, and for whatever reason, it helped my nerves.

Not all LASIK patients are the same

Not all LASIK patients are the same. If you’re thinking about LASIK, you need to make an educated decision. Always make sure you’re an informed LASIK patient! If you’re not sure, definitely review some great questions to ask yourself about LASIK. There is a ton of useful information on the American Refractive Surgery Council‘s site. Personally, LASIK completely changed my life.

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