Cocktails and desserts for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day calls for corned beef and cabbage, for sure. However, cocktails and desserts are equally as important, for St. Patrick’s Day. I know I’m not alone in this belief! All you have to do is look on Pinterest, and you’ll find a plethora of cocktails and desserts to make, enjoy and share.

Cocktails and desserts for St. Patrick's Day

Adult Beverages, AKA Cocktails and Desserts, AKA Sweet Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

I spent hours on Pinterest hunting for cocktails and desserts I’d like someone to make for me. I sucked it up, and spent the time, just for all of you. It was torture, I mean, who wants to spend hours on Pinterest checking out photos, and awesome cocktail recipes, along with desert recipes?

Oh, the sacrifices I make for all of you out there. It’s a tough life for Mama Sunflower.

Adult (Alcoholic) Drinks

Let’s start with something healthy…. I mean, it’s got melon in it. A Melon Whiskey Sour counts as your fruit serving for the day, doesn’t it? I say YES. I’m sure I’m not wrong! I mean, come on. It’s FRUIT!!!

Not into using melon? That’s totally fine. No one can force you to get your daily fruit serving. If you want to skip it, it’s really your choice. I’m happy to have tracked down a fantastic Shamrock Sour Cocktail recipe from Pizzazzerie! It’s got Whiskey in it, just like the Melon Whiskey Sour from Hey There, Home. I like me some Whiskey, that’s for sure. It’s the Irish in me, perhaps? I’m not quite convinced there’s Irish in my bloodline, but Nana insists it’s on her Australian side, so we’ll go with it.

Perhaps the thought of drinking something bright green isn’t your thing. It’s cool. It does kind of look like antifreeze, doesn’t it? No worries, I’ve got your covered, If you’re not into drinking something green, perhaps a little Boozy St. Patrick’s Day Milkshake would be more to your liking? Floating Kitchen has a great whiskey, and irish cream, combination. Just make sure not to leave it around for the kids to sneak a sip, it looks like a real milkshake!

Sweet Treats

You can’t have a holiday without some desserts, right? You can’t drink on an empty stomach, that’s just crazy. Once again, I’m here for you. I happily hunted for desserts for the big day, and I think you’ll enjoy them all….just try not to eat all of them at one time. Space it out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner – you’ve got three chances to enjoy great sweets!

Personally, one sweet treat I do enjoy as dessert is a good cupcake. I’m not a big desserts lover, however, pull out a cupcake, and easily pursuaded. I found an awesome Nutty Irishman Cupcake with Bailey’s Buttercream Frosting recipe from The Suburban Soap Box. No, the fact that it resembles a cocktail has not escaped me, trust me. If you check out the recipe, you’ll notice it incorporates Bailey’s Irish Cream into the cupcake. SCORE!

In keeping with incorporating the alcohol theme into my dessert choices….I found the Whiskey Cake in a Jar recipe on HGTV. It’s got, wait for it…… WHISKEY in it, plus some coffee. It’s so right, it can’t be wrong. I’m not sure I have enough jars to make this one though. I’ll have to check around the house!

Mr. Sunflower has informed me not everyone wants alcohol all day for St. Patrick’s Day. This is news to me, but for those who want to keep it on the sober side for the festivities, once again, I’ve got your back! HGTV happened to have a Celtic Knot Cookie recipe that does not have a drop of alcohol in it.

However you guys celebrate, I hope you have a great day filled with good luck and lots of Irish cheer!

Dinner ideas

Don’t forget about dinner on the big day. Find great recipes here –> Corned beef recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

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