Cocoon by Sealy – will it be my happy place?

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Sleep. It’s always an issue for me. I’ve got a new pillow, which has been extremely helpful. However, our very old mattress was another issue. When Cocoon by Sealy asked me to check out their newest mattress, I was all-in. How could I resist, right? I’m all for trying anything I can to help me get a better night’s sleep! Plus, it’s super cool to open up the box it comes in and watch it inflate in front of my eyes.

Cocoon by Sealy - Transform your Bedroom™ TeamSoft

Cocoon by Sealy – will it be my happy place?

Mr. Sunflower and I had been sleeping on a mattress from before we even met. I believe he got it a couple of years prior to us meeting, and since it was the larger bed when we moved in together, we kept his. We got a mattress topper to get us through the last couple of years, but it was time to get something better. Our sleep depended on it. When Cocoon by Sealy invited me to check out, and “rest test” their mattresses, Mr. Sunflower moved around some work stuff to be able to make it possible for me to head into NYC for the mattress testing.

When I arrived, I totally “knew” I’d be Team Firm. Confident I’d feel the most comfortable on the Cocoon by Sealy mattress that was more sturdy. I sauntered over to the experts, learned a bit more about the mattresses, and hopped right onto the firm one. It was nice, it felt good. I thought “see, you know yourself pretty well, girl.” Then I hopped into the soft mattress.

Yes, hopped into. It’s basically what you do with the soft mattress. You kind of just sink into it, and it’s, for lack of a better word, cozy. My world, as I knew it, was over. I realized I had no clue who I was anymore. How could I be wrong about my mattress preference? MIND BLOWN. It’s the same Perfect Fit Memory Foam, but while the firm one has Reinforced Essential Support Foam, the soft mattress has Flexible Essential Support Foam. Simple difference that makes all the difference.

Needless to say, when it came time to put my request in for the California King mattress I wanted to check out in my own home, I happily switched from #TeamFirm to #TeamSoft – and then I quietly left, pondering just how little I knew myself after all! At least I was getting the perfect mattress to test out, and keep, plus a wicked cool goody bag that included a gorgeous blanket, a beautiful set of #MyHappyPlace glasses, as well as, a lovely bottle of liquid happy (which is what I love to call alcohol.)

Will Cocoon by Sealy be my happy place? Find out if I’m enjoying my new mattress and check out how cool it is to open up and Transform your Bedroom™.


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