Seed’s Daily Synbiotic helps support your gastrointestinal system

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Bloat. It’s an issue. I know I’m not the only one with gut issues like stomach bloat. It causes even more issues during that glorious time of the month where ladies shed their uterine linings, am I right? What also makes me nuts? Bad skin issues. Over 40 year and still dealing with bad skin sucks! What helps? Believe it or not, a daily synbiotic.

Green Seed Daily Synbiotic pill in palm of hand

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic helps support your gastrointestinal system

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic isn’t just about your gut health. Yes, The Daily Synbiotic does have probiotic strains meant for gut health. However, these clinically-studied strains benefit your entire gastro system and that affects your entire body from stomach, to heart, to skin!

What’s a synbiotic?

Simply put: a synbiotic is a probiotic and prebiotic in one capsule. The inner capsule holds the proprietary formulation packed with clinically-studied strains that are biofermented in Europe. The outer capsule contains the prebiotic. The best part: you can take them on an empty stomach, because the capsule resists stomach acid, digestive enzymes and bile salts. SWEET.

I’m the type that needs to just take my stuff with water when I first get up, because I just cannot stomach breakfast in the morning. Seed’s Daily Synbiotic available at Seed.com makes my morning routine easier!

Sounds pretty cool, right? Interested in Seed?

Order using my affiliate link here –> Seed.com and use my STACI15 discount code and get 15% off your subscription order. It’s just for your initial order for your monthly subscription. After the first month, your refills do not receive the 15% off discount.

Need more info? Keep reading!

Sustainable Packaging

One concern I have with monthly subscriptions is the packaging. I subscribe to a couple of subscriptions, one is Spotify. No packaging worries with my music streaming. Another is FabFitFun, and they’re constantly improving their shipping procedures to make less waste four times a year.

sustainable synbiotic packaging

Seed takes their sustainability seriously. The first shipment includes your GLASS reusable jar, along with a glass travel vial, all packaged in a Biodegradable PaperFoam that’s home compostable. Everything arrives in a Recyclable FSC-Certified Shipping Box.

Reusable Glass Jars

Monthly refills come in a Soluble Corn Foam, Compostable Bio-Based Pouch. LOVE IT!!!!

seed refill compostable packaging

Two months on my Vegan Daily Synbiotic

My first couple of days I took just one pill each morning, which is recommended in order to ease into a new probiotic, or prebiotic. I didn’t experience any cramping or poop issues. Went rather smoothly, but didn’t really feel any less bloating, nor any changes in how I felt. Obviously, I didn’t expect much the first days.

It took about three solid weeks before I felt an actual decrease in that bloat feeling. After a month into using Seed, I noticed my skin was cleared up. Even when my monthly cycle was ready to shed that uterine lining, I had one tiny pimple. ONE. Honestly, I think that was caused by an ingrown hair in my chin…. it happens. Us ladies get older and hair grows in places it never grew before, and sometimes we miss some during hair removal.

green glass jar filled with green Seed Daily Synbiotic pills

After my second month, I noticed my bathroom habits became more regulated. (A.K.A., my poop trips were on more of a schedule.) What truly convinced me this was the right product for me….. I had a week where I kept forgetting to take my daily pills and my stomach went haywire. Cramping and bloating, and just, nothing good going on.

I realized I’d forgotten to take my morning doses for an entire week, and my body was punishing me. Time had just gotten away from me, and the next thing I knew, a week had passed. I know others have done this. I’m not alone!

Getting back on my schedule took two weeks, because I started again as if I was brand new to Seed. I used one per day for the first three days, then back to two each morning and my body adjusted and I was back on a healthier track!

Is the price tag really that high?

I’ll admit, a monthly subscription to Seed’s Daily Synbiotic is a bit more expensive than other probiotics I’ve tried ($49.99/month). However, when I also added in the prebiotic I was ordering each month, it really evened out. Plus, Seed is a whole-body experience, as it helps not just battle my bloat issues, but also helps with heart health and improves my skin! Another huge win for me with this company: their commitment to sustainability.

Ladies, if you’re preparing for pregnancy, definitely take a further look at Seed’s Daily Synbiotic. It’s made for all humans over the age of 18, but contains a bacterial strain that has clinically demonstrated the ability to synthesize and secrete folate in the human intestinal environment.

Listen, I’m no doctor. Definitely NOT a scientist. I just know what worked for me, and if you’re intrigued and want to learn more, visit Seed.com. If you feel the urge to give it a try, order using my affiliate link here –> Seed.com and use my STACI15 discount code and get 15% off your subscription order.

****It’s just for your initial order for your monthly subscription. After the first month, your refills do not receive the 15% off discount.****

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