Dark Chocolate can be a quick, easy treat after school

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Dark Chocolate can be a quick, easy treat after school #DReadeHSY #shop #cbiasOur family is in constant motion. If we’re not running to school, then we’re running to some kind of after school activity. In between the running, we’ve got to grab quick meals so that we’re not eating at 8 o’clock at night! Once the kids are done with homework, it’s a quick bite to eat, and a dark chocolate treat. We’re big dark chocolate lovers in our home, and dark chocolate is the quick, easy treat after school. One piece for each of us, perfectly proportioned!

HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand SPECIAL DARK Chocolate is the treat of choice for our family. We go through bags of it, and when I need to load us up with a few more bags, it’s a trip to Duane Reade for us! Duane Reade’s got all my favorite dark chocolate treats The Hershey Company makes. It’s kind of a match made in my chocolate heaven.

#DReadeHSY #cbias #shop

#DReadeHSY #Cbias #shop

#DReadeHSY #Cbias #shop

Whether I have the kids tagging along with me on our weekly trips to Duane Reade, or I’m alone, it’s always a pleasant shopping experience at my local Long Island Duane Reade. It’s close by, it’s clean, and the staff is probably the most helpful staff I’ve ever dealt with at any kind of store. They just ooze customer service, and friendliness. I’m a big fan of getting my shopping done, and being rung up super fast, so I can be on my way. Time is of the essence in my world, and Duane Reade’s staff knows how important it is for people to get in, get out and get great stuff.

After we’re all stocked up with our HERSHEY’S Dark Chocolate treats, it’s time to enjoy them! Normally, I pick my kids up from school, and we head home to do homework, have a bite to eat, and get out the door again for anything from Jiu Jitsu, to dance, to tennis. How fast we have to head out depends on what day of the week it is……the only constant we have, other than always being on-the-go? Our super convenient, perfectly portioned “dessert.” We always take our HERSHEY’S KISSES Brand SPECIAL DARK Chocolate, and our HERSHEY’S BLISS Dark Chocolate with us on our way out the door. However, there are times when we sit down, and chat while we snack. Special treats deserve special plating!

#DReadeHSY #Cbias #shop

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