Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: MyDisneyExperience.com

I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. I paid for my, and my family’s, travel, accommodations, and tickets. Disney Social Media Moms Celebration provided discounted pricing for conference attendees.

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: MyDisneyExperience.com

An amazing set of cast members plans much of Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. All the attendees need to do is create, or share, their MyDisneyExperience.com account. Cast Members work like crazed demons putting Disney magic into our accounts, including:

  • hotel reservations
  • park tickets
  • extra perks for attendees

Attendees who want to take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express can call a number, give flight info and BOOM: you’re booked for a pick-up at the airport. Booking extended hotel stays, along with Magical Express, is simple with everything in one spot!

What can you do with MyDisneyExperience.com

If you’re new to planning a Disney trip, like I was, you’ll need to get to know MyDisneyExperience.com. It’s pure magic. No joke. It’s “the place” to:

  • find & book Disney Resort hotel rooms
  • locate meal plans
  • book dining reservations
  • order Photo Pass and Memory Maker
  • customize Magic Bands
  • book FastPass experiences
  • and so much more!

It’s probably the single most intelligent thing Walt Disney World has created in years.

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration & MyDisneyExperience.com

As I said, Cast Members take care of much of the planning for Disney Social Media Moms Celebration attendees. However, if anyone wishes to extend their stay by coming in before, or staying after, the main event, it’s simple to do everything in your MyDisneyExperience.com account. Luckily, there was a Spring Sale on resort rooms, and I scored THREE NIGHTS at Disney’s Pop Century Resort for $102.00 per night. Where’d we find this amazing deal? Well, I happened to find it while using MyDisneyExperience.com to explore the entire site! Outstanding.

How it works

When you head to MyDisneyExperience.com, it brings you up the Disney World website. Once on the website, there’s a little spot on the page on the right, it says MyDisneyExperience. Everything Disney is connected, working together to make it easier to: book hotel rooms, buy park tickets, as well as create a magical experience. After finding the discounted hotel room, I clicked through and booked it. Once booked, it appeared on “My Reservations” within in MyDisneyExperience.com account.

The best part? It all connects to MagicBands, or a MagicBand card. My Disney Experience is where you customize your MagicBand color. Your name is printed on the back of the band, and you can pick any name you want to put on the band. I was going to go with Queen of the World, but went with Staci, to keep things simple.

The entire Disney experience has been streamlined, but of course it has some kinks. Everything has kinks, it’s technology. The biggest kink? The site gets overloaded, so you can’t get onto it. Sometimes it is also turtle walks through a tar pit slow.

MyDisneyExperience.com while at Disney

My Disney Experience isn’t just a website. There’s an app for your smartphone! Yup, you can access all of your Disney plans on your smartphone. Unbelievably convenient while at the parks! Access not only your information, but also wait times for rides at each park. But wait, there’s more: check out where characters are located, and how long the wait is to meet them! It’s seriously the best tool Disney has besides Mousekatools from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Changes on-the-go using MyDisneyExperience app

During one of our days at Animal Kingdom, we had three fast passes loaded up for our day of fun. We realized The Boy wasn’t clearing the height requirement for Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain®. Does he reach the minimum height according to our tape measure at home, yes. However, it seems the Disney “height checkers” are an inch off. I wasn’t leaving The Boy behind as Little Miss, and I, rode the coaster. I decided to cancel the FastPass on the fly, and get a new one. How’d we do it? With the MyDisneyExperience app on my Samsung! MAGICAL. Simply magical.

If you’re doing a Disney vacation, make sure you’ve the app downloaded to your smartphone. It’ll help make the most of your vacation.

A few extras

We’re big on eating, and amazingly, the app let us book reservations on-the-fly at many restaurants in the parks. I mean, seriously, how they’ll top this app in the future is beyond me. They hit it out of the park with MyDisneyExperience.com, and the app to go with it. Believe it!

It’s not easy traveling with kids, so anything making it easier is such a huge benefit! If nothing above convinced you to download the app, this will: the app has bathroom locations at each park, along with Downtown Disney and Disney’s Boardwalk! Oh, that’s not good enough? How about every bathroom in each resort? Yup, it’s got those listed, too.

Convinced yet? I sure hope so!! There’s more on the app, too. Just download it, it’s the best thing you can do for your family vacation.


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