Do-It-Yourself Family Command Center

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One wife. One husband. Two kids. A dog. Our schedules are rather busy, and things were starting to fall apart on us. Appointments were being forgotten until last minute; practices were being missed; and parties we had to attend ended up with me scrambling to buy a gift at the last minute. It had to stop, or I was going to lose my mind. Plus, backpacks were left on kitchen chairs, with homework papers all over our living room. Pinterest had the answer with family command center ideas. Do It Yourself isn’t my strongest talent, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

Do-It-Yourself Family Command Center

Our home has become a disaster since the flood back in August. Mr. Sunflower is close to finishing up the basement to the point where I can paint it, and we can start hunting for deals on flooring. It’s close, but not quite there yet. What the flood did push me to do, which I knew had to be done, was create a command center for the family. Our kids have very full, and active, lives. My husband and I are also busy people. We needed a place the entire family could LOOK AT, so we all knew what was going on. I’d been hunting on Pinterest for a good year, in hopes of finding the perfect DIY project for this organizing task.

Finally, after months of pinning a bunch to a board for home design, I just decided to take what I liked from certain designs and create one that fit our budget, needs, and wall space! It wasn’t easy, but I made it happen!

Family Command Center #organization #forthehome

Where to put our Family Command Center

We needed a wall I could create the Family Command Center on. It pained me to have to be in a place that when I was sitting down at night, trying to relax, it would be right there. However, our living room was the only spot we could fit something like this. The wall I chose for the command center was super close to our garage door entrance, which made sense for the kids and their backpacks. Plus, the wall truly could not be ignored. It was in our faces, and DEMANDED to be paid attention to. There was little doubt in my mind anyone in our family would forget it was there! The wall chosen was……

Family Command Center #familycommandcenter #commandcenter #homeworkcenter

Now that I’d chosen the wall space, operation family command center creation was in full swing.

What I used for our Family Command Center

Command Center #familycommandcenter #homedecor

The first thing I wanted? Really nice hooks for the kids’ backpacks and jackets. I wanted those off of our kitchen chairs, which is where they always ended up when we came home from school every afternoon. On the weekends, I’d have them hang them on hooks I’d placed on a desk in our living room. Once the flood hit, the desk was buried behind a bunch of stuff and the hooks weren’t easy to get to.

The backpacks stayed on the chairs ALL.THE.TIME. I’d had it. It had to end. And it did with these Command Forever Oil Rubbed Bronze Hooks. Since the command center was going in my living room, I wanted beautiful hooks, not white, plastic ones. It had to be somewhat attractive, since we’d see the hooks. I couldn’t hide them. The oil rubbed bronze hooks were perfect, as they matched a mail holder I’d bought three years ago, and never hung up.

Now, I was on the hunt for wall files. I went to a few different stores to try and find exactly what I wanted, which was an attractive wall file that had two slots. My goal was to have each child use these to keep track of homework that had to be done, and projects/tests/etc. that had to be done. Well, the only ones I could find that were in my budget, were plastic and ugly. The wall they were going on was in my living room, so I wanted pretty ones. Five stores later, I finally had to give up on the two slot deal and embrace a new idea.

So, since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted at any of the stores I went to, I landed on these Fashion Wall Files over at Staples.

Pretty. Functional. Great size. Now, to figure out how to separate their “things to do” and the “homework to do.” The simplest solution was purchasing file folders in BRIGHT colors, which I found at Staples, too.

Surprisingly, I already had a whiteboard calendar we’d been using for a few years. It was in the kitchen, right by one of our phones. I had Mr. Sunflower take it down, and move it to the new family command center.

Putting our family command center together

I cleared out a few things we had stacked against the wall, and then cleaned the wall. I’m not even sure what was on that wall, but it was gross. Needless to say, I’m not much of a domestic mom. After looking at what came off of that wall, and onto the paper towel, it was proof positive I suck at cleaning, along with cooking. However, I got over it quickly, so no worries!

Mr. Sunflower was called in to hang everything. He’s very anal He pays super close attention to detail when hanging things. He’s got his level out, making sure things are straight. It’s why I ask him to do it, because if I did it, everything would be crooked, uneven and nothing would be lined up properly. I would have to admit, there would be a lot of extra holes in the walls if I had done it myself. It would have led to a very unhappy Mr. Sunflower. Really, I was just saving him from an even bigger job of fixing my mistakes, and having to do it all for me anyway. See. We balance each other nicely. I come up with ideas, he gets the ideas accomplished. I hand him stuff when he needs it…. or when he’s yelling for me, because I’ve gotten distracted again and have left him to struggle with the hammer, hooks, and level. However you want to look at it, we still get it done in our own way.

Moving on….

After everything that needed hammers, and nails, was hung up, I took on the job of putting the hooks up. I know. So ambitious of me. You can pat me on the back when you meet me. It was a much larger job than I anticipated. You have to read the instructions to hang these adhesive hooks up. Plus, line them up on the wall. I wasn’t prepared for this kind of work! But I did it, and they even work well. After waiting an hour to hang things on them, they’ve been working like a charm ever since the family command center was completed. WOO to the HOO.

Little Details for our family command center

Of course, you can’t have a family command center without a few minor details….

  • labeling the wall files, so each child knows which area is which
  • pencil pouches, to hold the items needed for homework so no one has to waste time hunting the entire house for pencils, erasers, glue sticks, rulers, scissors, highlighters, etc.
  • file folders labeled for HOMEWORK-TO-DO, IMPORTANT SCHOOL PAPERS, PROJECTS-TO-DO in each child’s wall file

Now, we’ve got our family command center and a place for everything school related. Happy mommy. Organized family command center. My work here is done. Now back to the re-building the flood damaged part of the house!

What’s your favorite family organization tip? Share it in the comments below!

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  1. Barbara April 8, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    The most important tool we have is the desk blotter size calendar hanging on the wall. And yes we do also have a homework box with all the necessary office supplies, plus baskets and folders for each kids’ ‘things. They are a bit older now so they are responsible for their own papers finally.

    • Staci Gerardi April 8, 2015 at 4:12 pm

      Yes. Little Miss handles all her own papers. The Boy is getting there….. but he’s just 6, so I give him a little “support” in that area. : )

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