Earn rewards with Verizon FiOS My Rewards+

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Holidays. We love them, but we also dread them. It’s definitely all about friends, family and a season of good cheer. However, it’s also about the stress of paying for gifts: family gifts, gifts for spouses, teacher gifts, and so much more. Luckily, as a Verizon FiOS subscriber, my family gets the added bonus of earning My Rewards+, which we can trade in for gift cards! Merry dang Christmas! Oh yes, that’s right, we earn rewards with Verizon FiOS My Rewards+.

Earn rewards with Verizon FiOS My Rewards+

Earn rewards with Verizon FiOS My Rewards+

When my son was born, we went from a two income family, to a one income family. Just between you guys, and me, the one income didn’t go far here on Long Island. I’m not sure if you all know this, but Long Island is one of the top five most expensive places to live in the country. Believe it. Amazingly, they did a study proving what I tell people living in other areas of the country! Basically, one income and a family of four people, wasn’t going to work for us on Long Island.

Ease money stresses

What’s a woman to do to make life a little less “money stressed?” Well, she becomes an expert rewards earner, and trading them for cash, or gift cards. I’m a seasoned rewards earner. True story! Earning rewards, when it’s for every day things I’m already doing, is the only way to earn points that makes sense. Verizon FiOS My Rewards+ is exactly the kind of rewards program that makes sense.

Seriously, just for joining My Rewards+ you earn 100 points. How you like that? Even better, it’s free to join the rewards program! Want to enroll in paper-free billing, it’ll earn you points. If you connect your social media accounts, you earn even more points. Refer friends? Earn up to 5000 points when you refer people with the referral code assigned to you. Excellent!

Easy to earn rewards

When we became Verizon FiOS subscribers, we quickly enrolled just with a click of a button and signing into our account. We’ve been earning points, and rewards, ever since. We earn the points doing things we already do! Once we have enough points, we cash out and the money goes to a Verizon My Rewards+ Visa Prepaid Card.

Guess what I use the Visa card for? Gift buying for the holidays!!!!!

All those movies rented through FiOS On Demand Movie, and ordering of Pay Per View Events on FiOS TV, well they all happen anyway, why not earn some points for it, right? Lose a remote and have to order a new one? It happens, it’s annoying, and why not earn some points for it all?

At the end of the day, it’s nice earning rewards for the things I do every day. Turning those rewards into money, or gift cards, is perfection! Being able to buy gifts for the kids for the holidays feels good. It’s not about buying expensive gifts, but more about finding the perfect little items that will make the kids smile on Christmas morning. The ones that show them “Mommy really does listen to us. She knows exactly what we love.”

Let’s be honest, right now, all my kids want are Shopkins. It’ll be easy this year to put smiles on their faces. Especially with our My Rewards+ earnings. Can I get a whoop, whoop? Come on, you know you want to whoop, whoop with me!

Check out Verizon FiOS My Rewards+ for yourself.


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