Easter recipes for beginner cooks

If you’re super, duper lucky like I am, you get to host Easter at your home. Ignore the sarcasm, I really do love hosting my family for at least one holiday. It takes the stress off of my parents, since they host almost all of our holiday gatherings. Plus, I kind of like not having to go anywhere. The down side is I’m not an advanced cook, and Easter recipes always scare me. I mean, seriously, have you been on Pinterest and seen the bunny rabbit pancakes? I just cannot. It made me think: there must others out there like me. So why not offer up some Easter recipes for beginner cooks!

Easter recipes for beginner cooks

Easter recipes for the beginner cooks

I host dinner on Easter Sunday. It’s not a brunch, it’s an early dinner. However, the kids love to hunt for eggs, and get Easter baskets in the morning. It would be great if we could start the big day off with a super cute breakfast, instead of the usual cereal. It’s just, when you look on Pinterest all you see are the crazy, advanced things like Easter bunny shaped pancakes. Even with a bunny pancakes tutorial, like the one I found on i heart naptime, I just cannot handle the stress of it.

Plus, not everyone loves pancakes. It’s nice to have some Easter breakfast options, right? Well, I found two great ones!

Easter Breakfast

Easter Bunny Breakfast

On Kidspot.com, there’s the Easter bunny breakfast. A friend egg becomes the face of the bunny, with the bright yellow yolk as the nose. Plus, there’s bacon involved! You cannot go wrong with the Easter bunny breakfast, that’s for darn sure.

You can find the Easter bunny breakfast recipe on kidspot.com, and if you can make a fried egg, plus bacon, you’re kind of golden!

Bunny Pancakes

If you’re kids must have pancakes, no problem. Instead of the advanced bunny pancakes from i heart naptime, there’s an alternate Easter breakfast for beginners on Taste of Home. It’s the Bunny Pancakes. No recipe needed, just make pancakes! Check out how to decorate the pancakes, and place them, so they look like a little bunny with a cute, fuzzy tail!

Easter Dinner

At our house, as I’ve explained, we do dinner. We do lamb. It’s my favorite. FAVORITE. Surprisingly, lamb is not hard to cook. You’re good as long as you have a meat thermometer. I’ve three top roasted lamb recipes I adore. Easy easter recipes, I swear.

Slow-roasted shoulder of lamb

Lamb isn’t cheap, but if you get the shoulder, it’s a bit easier on the budget. If you know how to prepare it, and have a great slow-roasted shoulder of lamb recipe, you’re going to win everyone over! Trust me, even though it involves a little extra pot to make the wine goodness that goes with it for the roasting pan. You’ll love it.

Mediterranean Spiced Roasted Leg of Lamb with a Yogurt Mint Feta Sauce

Please, don’t be frightened with the fact that the Mediterranean spiced roasted leg of lamb with a yogurt mint feta sauce, has a sauce to prepare. Hand to God, it’s not difficult. It’s basic stuff. Greek yogurt, feta cheese, lemon juice, some olive oil, salt and pepper, plus if you like mint, put fresh mint. You don’t even need the food processor, like it says in the recipe. You can just use a blender, or even a hand mixer. Seriously. It’s really just to get the feta to blend better. It’s all delicious.

Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb

One of my favorite things in the world, besides lamb, is lemon. It’s something I use often when I cook. Mind you, I don’t cook often. However, every meal involves garlic, onion and lemon. It’s my favorite part of the skinnytaste.com’s roasted boneless leg of  lamb recipe. The swap out for me on this one: taking out the rosemary, and putting oregano, instead. Rosemary is not popular in this house, so the change is necessary. Other than that, this lamb is mouth watering delicious and unbelievably easy to make.

Easter Dessert

Now, what’s a holiday meal without dessert? When Mr. Sunflower has time, he will make Struffoli, and he wouldn’t ever let me share his recipe for that, so I had to go find some other recipes to share with you. Since most people aren’t going to be looking for Struffoli, but more basic, and traditional desserts, I hunted for a more universally acceptable one. Keeping it as simple as possible, of course.

15 Minute Sunflower Peep Cake

Did you think I would have anything else but a sunflower cake? I mean, seriously! I’m not a huge fan of Peeps, but man, how simple and easy this 15 minute cake is, how could I not share it. Kids love Peeps, so it’s great for them, and the cake is great for the adults. It’s just too dang cute! You have to check out the 15 minute sunflower Peep cake at Spend with Pennies Cook Crave and Inspire.

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