When is the Best Time of Day to Enjoy a Cappuccino

The beautiful cappuccino with its frothed milk and shot of espresso. It’s so loved it has its own national day of recognition. With the uprising of Starbucks, most Americans have access to this hot beverage all day, every day. But, did you know there’s a specific time of the day one should enjoy this delicious energy booster? There is! If you want to feel like an authentic Italian, you’ll want to find out when the best time of the day is to enjoy a cappuccino.

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The Right Time of the Day to Enjoy a Cappuccino

If you’ve been to Italy, or know someone with an Italian ancestry, you may have noticed cappuccinos aren’t a beverage they’ll consume throughout the day. We have a specific time of the day dedicated to sipping our cappuccinos. It’s our MORNING go-to caffeinated beverage. We often enjoy a cappuccino every morning (if we can swing it).

So, why don’t Italians drink cappuccinos after eleven in the morning? Well, it’s all about tradition and honestly, functionality. Cappuccinos are made with espresso and milk in two forms, which together amplify energy. Traditionally, Italians with manual jobs started their days picking up a cappuccino and a pastry on the way to work. It gave them the best long-lasting boost of energy in the quickest amount of time allowing them to get their work day started. Plus, many Italians prefer ingesting milk-heavy coffees in the morning.

Creating the Perfect Cappuccino

We won’t lie, the cappuccino is a little piece of art. In order to end up with a beautiful piece of art, every piece of it from the cup to the milk foam adorning it must always be considered. You have to find the right espresso, along with the right machine, and your perfect milk option. If the result isn’t beautiful, can you really enjoy a cappuccino?

It takes time, and patience to create the perfect cappuccino. Personally, I go and buy it when I want it because investing in an espresso machine isn’t worth the expense, nor is the labor dedicated to this coffee art form. But if you’re into making amazing cappuccino, and other espresso drinks, and have an espresso machine – you’ll love this Cappuccino recipe from LavAzza.

Afternoon Caffeine Kick

If you have an espresso machine of your own, and want something to enjoy when you need a little caffeine kick in the afternoon, the top choice for many: the latte. It still has espresso, but it’s creamier and has a much more subtle espresso taste. You’ll get that kick of caffeine, consume less milk, and it can get you through your afternoon. In the states, you can get your cappuccino all day, every day. But for Italians, the best time for cappuccino is mornings. Lattes are for late mornings into early afternoon. One of the better and easier latte recipes can be found here.

Enjoy What You Want When You Want

In all seriousness, it’s your choice when to enjoy a cappuccino! Enjoy what you want when you want. Cappuccino, latte, straight up espresso with a little anisette…. just savor and enjoy it!

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