Family trips and children’s health

When you’ve got kids, keeping family trips, and vacations interesting is always a challenge during Spring Break, for parents. Camping is one great activity that families can enjoy during spring break. It’s a great way to enjoy nature, spend time together and appreciate many things which go unnoticed during normal daily life.

Family trips and children's health

Family trips and children’s health

Camping can be a lot of fun, however it can be dangerous too. When camping with children, it’s essential to be prepared for the seasonal changes. Storms may blow in and out which cause sudden change in temperatures, especially mountainous areas. For children, excessive heat is a problem, especially if their sweat glands haven’t fully developed. In such cases, it’s important to pack necessary clothing items that are not only comfortable, but also protective.

  • Keep children inside during peak afternoon hours.
  • Protect their skin with not only sun block, but also protective clothing.
  • Keep kids hydrated with clean drinking water.

Risks & injuries

Children have high levels of energy leading to risks and injuries. When camping, pack a first aid kit. This would include anti allergies, band aids and other necessary medicines that can come in handy. It’s important for parents to properly vaccinate their kids.

Teach children about cleaning small wounds and securing bandages. In case of a huge accident, kids need emergency numbers with them.

Dealing with lost kids & campfires

Sometimes, kids lose their way and panic. At the start of the trip, choose a familiar landmark for kids. Let them know it’s a meeting place, just in case. Whistles are a handy tool for kids. Planning a campfire? Make sure the gear tent and equipment does not lead to a huge fire. Obviously, keep children away from the fire.

Camping with family is a great idea! However necessary arrangements prior to the camping experience are necessary for a safe and enjoyable experience.

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