Up Your Family Vacation Road Trip Game With These 4 Necessities

While flights remain a guessing game for travelers, it doesn’t mean that Americans have given up on leisure travel entirely. Instead, they’ve turned in droves to RVs for their leisure travel needs. An estimated 65 million people planned on using their RVs for road trips in 2022.

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Up Your Family Vacation Road Trip Game With These 4 Necessities

Yet, while an RV certainly provides plenty of amenities, you can up your family vacation road trip game with these four necessities.

Portable Washing Machine

While probably more popular among the college-going, studio apartment crowd, portable washing machines fill an important space in off-the-grid road trips. Doing laundry on the road shouldn’t be impossible. While drying clothes is relatively easy with a drying rack or even a strategically placed rope, washing clothes manually is a monumental chore that calls for a lot of physical labor and a bucket. A portable washing machine provides its own bucket and lets you knock out small loads without the elbow grease.

Portable Generator

Sure, most RVs can provide some power courtesy of batteries, those batteries will run dry if you plan on parking somewhere for a while. A portable generator with built-in solar panels can provide you with backup power or even an ongoing power supply. That can prove essential for things like charging up phones or the rechargeable, long-range walkie-talkies you depend on to keep in touch with your hiking addicted travel companions.


Ever been out at a campground and desperately wished that there was a bit more shade available at your campsite? While it’s less of a problem for those spring and fall road-trippers, it can prove mighty uncomfortable if you’re taking your road trip in the blistering heat of July. Retractable awnings can provide you with instant shade in the high summer heat.

Water Pressure Regulator

It might not seem like an essential, but water pressures will vary from city to city and park to park. The pressures can get so high, in fact, that it will damage your RV’s plumbing. A water pressure regulator helps protect your plumbing while still letting you access the local water supply.

An RV is a great way for anyone to explore the country. Rather than booking flights and hotels, you drive your hotel to your destination. Of course, like most hotels, an RV doesn’t always provide you with all of the things you need to make life comfortable. You can up your road trip game with things like portable washing machines, portable generators, awnings, and water pressure regulators. They’ll spare you some work, supply you with power, give you some shade, and protect the plumbing in your RV. In other words, they’ll help you have a better time.

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