Family vacations: why you need to vacation with family

Family vacations are a must in life. If you didn’t know this, summer’s the best time to enjoy vacations with your family, and traveling together. Kids are off from school for the summer, and adults need a break from their strenuous lifestyle. A survey has shown 59% of people plan to take vacations during the month of July, while only 11% want to take days off in the month of May. This doesn’t mean long two week family vacations, but rather, people consider taking 3 to 4 weekdays around a weekend. Five days can be just what’s needed to refresh minds, and relax.

Family vacations

Family vacations: why you need to vacation with family

You’re able to enjoy a vacation more when you’re traveling with family. However, fun isn’t the only thing benefitting families with a trip. There are multiple advantages that you can avail through vacationing.

Brain Development

Vacations play a vital role in the development of a child’s brain. A brain’s limbic area is developed through activities that involve fun, enjoyment and relaxation. These brain systems were discovered by Professor Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist at Washington State University. These genetically ingrained systems will start working when the child is having fun, thus helping them in brain growth.

However, this doesn’t only work with a child’s brain; adults are likely to release “feel good” chemicals known as oxytocin, and dopamine. These chemicals are able to provide relaxation, and a feeling of happiness, which reduces stress.

Learning Adaptability

It’s natural to feel scared of an environment you know nothing about. Adults have gone through numerous experiences that have enabled them to be more adaptive to any environment. Yet children do not get enough chances to explore something novel. Frequent vacations can result in kids exposing themselves to new situations.

Kids learn ways to adapt to changes they’re exposed to during family vacations. This can help them later in life when faced with an unfavorable situation. A camping trip can expose kids to nature, and teach them how to deal with any harm that may come from animals. It can provide knowledge on harm the climate, or from the conditions of a new environment. On the other hand, a stay in a hotel can enable them to be more social with other guests, and also adhere to the rules set by the hotel.

Learning Experiences

Since traveling on trains, planes or having a long road trip in cars aren’t a normal thing for anyone, traveling is a great learning experience, regardless of age. Traveling teaches many how to deal with unprecedented situations. Maybe luggage gets lost at the airport, or your flight is delayed. Perhaps you forget a bag containing your children’s clothes, or your beach essentials at home.

These situations can teach you, and your children, how to adapt and figure out how to be resilient. These are real life events, and keeping calm while working together can teach the family how to achieve a workable solution.

Furthermore, families traveling together can learn about different customs, and culture, when you arrive at your destination. Even a visit to the city’s famous local parks can help familiarize everyone with animals, and plants that you may not see where you live.

Bringing People Closer

When all you have is each other in a place you know little about, you’ll become closer to each other. You’ll be able to understand your kids better, and vice versa. You’re more likely to communicate with each other better! Some problems you may not have shared with your kids before, become easier to explain. Since your family is there with you to lend you a listening ear, it’s easy to talk to each other about everything, on a vacation.

A family functions well when all the members work together to keep each other happy. A vacation allows people to learn more about themselves, as well as be more willing to understand their other family members. This won’t only result in a strong family bond, but also be able to provide you with many fun filled memories.

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