Farm Fresh Meats, and more with #ZayconFoods DRIVE THRU MEAT MARKET means less expensive prices!

Disclaimer: I’ve signed up for Zaycon Foods, to try and get them to my area. The link in this blog post is my REFERRAL link, which earns me a little credit towards purchases. I’ve also been offered free chicken, IF Zaycon comes to the area I live. If not, they are going to provide me with monetary compensation. Personally, I’d love to get them to Long Island, so I can experience the process! However, if not, money’s never a bad thing! I’ve got mouths to feed, and bills to pay.
Zaycon Foods

We’re big chicken lovers in our house. It’s hard to find quality chicken, without hormones being pumped into it, at decent prices. Honestly, if we’re stretched in our budget, we have to just get the regular chicken, or beef, sold at the grocery store. It is what it is, and we’ve cut so much “processed food” out of our daily food intake, once in a while we have to downgrade with our meat. It’s not often, but it happens. However, with Zaycon Foods…..I’m hoping it can change all of that downgrading!

Zaycon works a little differently to make sure they’ve got amazing prices for their customers.

How does Zaycon Foods manage to provide such high quality super fresh meat and produce to its customers at such low prices? The answer is strength in numbers. And not their numbers, ours!

Zaycon Foods can sell its products at bulk rate prices to individual consumers, and families, because their unique sales event business model brings lots of people together, which means everyone’s purchasing power becomes a combined bulk food purchase. And when people buy as part of a group that’s committing to such a large purchase, the power is in the hands of the purchaser! It’s the ultimate group buy in terms of both price, and consumer empowerment.

Customers can pre-select exactly what we want to order from a given Zaycon sales event – sometimes we may want to stock up on amazing meaty back ribs, and sometimes it might be all about the Zaycon bacon – and then, on the day of the sales event, tons of neighbors will find themselves in a nearby parking lot watching as an entire tractor trailer’s worth of high quality natural food is unloaded into all of their cars! Everyone will be amazed at how quickly one Zaycon refrigerated truck goes from being filled with natural, fresh chicken, or hundreds of gallons of grade A non-homogenized milk, to being empty and back on its way to the farm!

A Zaycon Foods truck sales event often lasts less time than you would spend on a trip to the grocery store, yet customers will leave with a whole lot more food than they’d get at the market, and for much better prices, too!

When customers use the Zaycon Foods sales event as their preferred place to purchase meats, milk, and any of our other fine products, they get advantages even beyond the bulk pricing that comes with Zaycon’s special sales model. Customers also have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what they’re going to get! A trip to the grocery store can involve wasted time wandering around looking for various foods spread out across the store; at a Zaycon Foods parking lot meat truck delivery (or milk or berries or fish delivery, too!) customers have pre-ordered the foods, so all the customers have to do is show up and wait for Zaycon’s friendly staffers and volunteers to load up your car.

Also, unlike in the grocery store, the prices customers will pay for a Zaycon Foods product are locked in on the website, so customers will know how much they are going to spend before they’ve committed to a purchase.

At a supermarket, all of us might pay one price for chicken on one day, and then a higher price on another day. With Zaycon, ALL OF US can each decide if we want to order a case of fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts, we, as customers, check the price and then we can commit to it, knowing that from that moment on, Zaycon is committed to getting customers fresh, natural food!

To Get Started Click on this link –>Zaycon Referral Link

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