Grilled Food Beyond Just Meat

It’s hard to deny that properly grilled food tastes good. As we fire up the grill, what would it be like to try something different—something other than the standard fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken and steak? Basically grilled food beyond “the meats”.

properly grilled food

Properly Grilled Food (Beyond Just Meat)

Here are some innovative ideas that will have you pulling out the grill year round to eat some properly grilled food!

Getting out of the Kitchen

Dedicated grillers have figured out how to cook entire meals on the grill. Avid backyard chefs have gone as far as creating a secondary kitchen with all the equipment and countertops needed to prep and serve grilled food outdoors. Once you get grilling and realize how versatile they are, your desire to try new and different menu items naturally grows.

Making the Most of Your Grill

The key elements of grilling are the smoke and the fire. The ability to achieve very high temperatures is what makes a grill perfect for everybody’s favorite: pizza. You can pre-cook dough for a few minutes directly on the grill or use a pizza stone. It is easier to handle the hot dough with a pizza paddle, but you can do just as well with a set of tongs.

After cooking fruits, vegetables and meats directly on the grill, cut them down to bite-sized pieces for toppings or add thinly sliced vegetables and meats. You can even vary your cheese selections for more flavor. Placing your pizza on the grill and lowering the cover for a few minutes will give you a delicious meal in no time!

Bring Out Your Adventurous Side

Before you blanch at the thought of grilling anything other than a good hot dog, try some different things out. Grilled greens are hot in more ways than one. Romaine sliced lengthwise and hit with a touch of oil and sea salt gives you three unique characteristics: charred, steamed and raw. Skewers are perfect for grilling a variety of food items from tuna to shrimp to scallops. Fruit kebabs are another way to introduce exciting menu selections your guests are not expecting. The sugars in the fruit produce delicious caramelization presented conveniently on a stick for easy eating.

Using grills for regular cooking opens up a whole new realm of roasting meats such as a leg of lamb or pork loin. Basting with a sweet and sour glaze, you will find a delicate crispy outer coating like nothing you have tasted before.

Creative Use of Fruits and Vegetables

Stone fruits such as peaches and apricots and other fruit such as apples, pears, pineapple and watermelon are all prime grilling foods to help brighten up your menu. Topping grilled bananas with ice cream and a maple-honey-caramel glaze is pretty close to a classic Bananas Foster. Long slices of zucchini make an excellent roll-up with nearly any ingredient held inside. When tossed on the grill for a few minutes, they become tender and delicious.

These are but a few of the amazing alternative choices to the standard grilling fare. Experiment with new and unusual selections and expand your menu; improve your skills; and, impress your guests.

About the Writer: Dixie Somers is a freelance writer and blogger for business, home, and family niches. Dixie lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the proud mother of three beautiful girls and wife to a wonderful husband.

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