Wear OS by Google Fossil Smartwatch from Best Buy

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Wearing a watch is a new feeling for me. I haven’t worn one in years, but my health trackers have failed me in the past. I figured why not give a pretty Fossil Smartwatch a try. As luck would have it, Best Buy asked me to give the Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch a test run.

Fossil Smartwatch in Rose Gold

A rose gold Fossil Smartwatch on my wrist

Pink. My least favorite color on the planet. We all know this around these parts. However, after years of looking for a pretty health tracker and failing miserably, I figured WHY NOT TRY SOMETHING OUT OF CHARACTER?

Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch – Stainless Steel

First of all, the rose gold isn’t as…. pink as I thought it would be. Score for me. I get compliments on it all day long. Everyone’s loving my new wrist bling. I’m a big fan of the sparkle around the face of the watch, and the band. Yep. I’m a girl who likes some bling, sue me.

Second, there’s a bunch of watch face options. I chose a simple one that shows everything on the screen, including my heart rate. Totally love how the black watch face complements the rose gold and bling.

Third, Google Fit app has two new activity trackers: Heart Points and Move Minutes. They measure activity intensity, and incorporate smarter health coaching to reach fitness goals easier.

Finally, there’s quick access to all things Google – including Google Pay. Pay with a wave of your wrist. No more digging around for my wallet to pull out my credit card!

OS by Google

Having Google run the world is handy, SOMETIMES. Google Assistant helps people stay on track, whilst the smarter health coaching helps motivate people to live a healthier lifestyle. What freaks me out, and I have had to adjust, is the alerts. All my notifications were coming through my watch and buzzing. Scared the life out of me every time. It’s a bit to get used to, so I had to make sure my watch doesn’t buzz whilst DRIVING.

Now we get along much better!

iPhone and Android

Since I’m a Samsung Galaxy girl, I’m an Android Smartphone user. However, the watch also works with iPhone owners. It’s all powered by Google, so as long as you have a Google connection – which I would imagine every human on the planet does have a Google account – you’re golden. Rose golden. See what I did there? Yeah you did.

Interested in getting one for a lady in your life? Head over to Best Buy’s website and get to ordering –> Wear OS by Google Smartwatch

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