A Homemade Gingersnap Recipes Collection

Are you team chewy or team crispy? Or, are you team chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside? Personally, I love a thin, crispy homemade gingersnap cookie! Regardless of what team you’re on, this homemade gingersnap recipes collection will satisfy each one, along with team vegan, too!

gingersnap recipes

Personally, I believe ginger-based treats are the perfect complement to ice cold lemonade on a warm day. Oftentimes, we only hear about these lovely treats around the snowy weather holidays (at least where I live, anyway). But man, if you aren’t making and enjoying these all through the year, you are missing out! Big time.

Homemade Gingersnap Recipes to make throughout the year

Head into the kitchen with friends and bake a few of these gingersnap recipes to enjoy with a favorite glass of wine, maybe some tea, or if you’re like me, some strawberry lemonade!

Thin & Crispy Gingersnaps

I prefer a full-on thin and crispy gingersnap. The SNAP is baked into the name, and I want to hear it snap when I bite into it. If you enjoy the snap of a gingersnap, you’ll love Cloudy Kitchen’s Gingersnap Cookies.

Chewy & Soft Gingersnaps

I get it, not everyone loves a crispy cookie. Chewy is the way of the world. If that’s the case, there’s a couple of options you might enjoy!

Cinnamon for Rolling Gingersnap Cookies

People who enjoy a little extra cinnamon with their snaps, you’ll enjoy The Preppy Kitchen’s recipe. It calls for not just sugar for rolling the dough balls in, but also cinnamon. When these bake off, get ready for cinnamon to take over your home. I find these are best to pair with your morning tea.

Crispy Outside with Chewy Inside Gingersnaps

Are you undecided? You waffle between chewy and crispy when it comes to your snaps? Not to worry, I’ve got the perfect recipe for you. It’s Sweet Tea and Thyme’s gingersnaps.

Vegan Gingersnaps

Grew up with snaps, but can’t have them anymore because you’ve changed to a vegan lifestyle? It’s fine! It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken’s Vegan Gingersnap Cookies will have you enjoying an old favorite in your new lifestyle.

Whatever the season, gingersnap recipes are the perfect cookie recipes to bake up any day of the week. Enjoy them crispy, chewy, a bit of both, or vegan – and they aren’t all that difficult to make. Most recipes you can freeze, too. So no excuses, you can enjoy them anytime and with any beverage you enjoy.

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