Last minute gifts they’ll love with guest writer Holly

The holidays are near. The time to secure an elaborate gift has passed. However, there’s still plenty of days left to make something cheer-worthy, last minute custom gift basket, for the 25th.

last minute custom gift basket ideas

Last minute custom gift basket ideas for the holidays

Practical gifts aren’t always the most fun to give and flashy gifts can lose their luster by January. By collecting a variety of useful items and throwing in some flash you can create a custom gift basket that will perfectly walk the line between excitement and practicality. Follow these tips for three complete gift collections.

Work with your hands

For the handy person in your life a gift of tools and supplies are perfect. Everyone needs a basic hammer and screwdriver. No one minds having more than one. It’s easily one of the most misplaced items in a home. Boxes of nails and screws can add up, so throw a few in. Compliment the group with at least one gadgety item; a battery powered tape measure, Swedish FireSteel or hammer/bottle opener make great additions. A nice cordless drill, circular saw or other high-end tool will really be the highlight of this basket.

The winer things in life

Assemble ways to carry wine around. Friends that are looking for a more “direct” experience with their wine will enjoy one of these glasses that hold an entire bottle of wine.

Film fanatic

If you know a movie buff then a film-friendly assortment makes the perfect gift. Naturally, there are tons of autographed pieces from sets and scripts floating around the world. An original copy of someone’s favorite screenplay can be a great gift. (sometimes you can print these out for free) Movie posters, popcorn and theatre-sized candy all make great additions to this set. Your recipient may also enjoy a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription. If you can swing the cost, the absolute best thing to get your movie lover is a brand new television—the bigger and clearer the better.

Author bio: Holly is a full-time student and TA studying towards her doctorate in literature and writing. She blogs on behalf of Sears and other brands but also loves making waffles and drawing a smiley face on her burger with ketchup. 

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