Handle holiday germs during the happiest time of the year

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It’s pretty much the end of the year, which means the holidays are coming! How does one handle holiday germs before they spiral out of control, and everyone’s under lock down, in quarantine, missing out on fun gatherings, celebrations, and gift giving? You prepare, that’s how.

Handle Holiday Germs during the happiest time of the year

Handle Holiday Germs before they take the fun out of your celebrations

It’s inevitable. Kids bring home germs. To be fair, so do adults. However, kids tend to bring them home more often, and love to share them! It’s not because kids refuse to wear jackets in the colder weather, or insist on wearing shorts in the dead of winter. It’s because kids forget to wash their hands after touching community surfaces and supplies in their classrooms, as well as in stores.

After touching all of these germ infested areas, and not washing hands, they’re constantly rubbing their eyes; shoveling food into their mouths; and, my favorite, just full on putting their germ infested hands on everything around the house.

Adults, most of us, wash our hands before eating. We’re more likely to wash our hands after touching anything that’s not our own personal stuff. What used to make me sick? When people would use my office supplies without asking, after sneezing into their hands….. or, worse things I don’t want to think about.

One good thing about kids today? They tend to sneeze into the crook of their arms, instead of their hands. However, they then follow it up with wiping their noses with the backs of their hands. It’s basically a no-win situation: germs and kids.

When germs penetrate our generally healthy daily lives, and I realize Sick Just Got Real™, I’m stocked up with the essentials:

  • Children’s Advil® Suspension
  • Children’s Robitussin® DM Day/Night Pack
  • Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough

Aches, pains, fevers, coughing and runny noses, aren’t ruining my holidays. I’m always down to handle holiday germs with a full arsenal. Luckily, I get to hook one reader up with their own Sick Just Got Real™ arsenal of awesome!

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