Healthier food options for your next BBQ

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Can you feel it? The warmer weather is coming. I know we keep getting the false starts, but it’s coming, my friends. It is coming. What comes with warmer weather? Outdoor entertaining in the form of BBQs, and cookouts! Oh, but wait, we’ve all been working extra hard to eat healthier, and workout. Let’s not derail the hard work, right? Let’s discuss healthier food options for your next BBQ, shall we? Yes, we shall!

Healthier food options for your next BBQ outdoor entertaining summer

Healthier food options for your next BBQ

Condiments don’t have to be the enemy!

What’s my ultimate downfall when it comes to outdoor entertaining? I go for all the mayo dishes, or I add mayo to dishes that don’t even have mayo. Horrible for me, I know. Hush up, it’s a real addiction. Mayo is my Kryptonite. However, I’ve made the conscious effort to change my ways. Avocado is another one of my addictions, and you’d be very surprised by this, but you can replace mayo in almost every recipe, or dish, with avocado. GENIUS, right? Even better? When you find a fantastic little condiment like GoAvo! I can slather my burger, or put a little on top of some chips with some diced tomatoes, and I’m doing life a little healthier at my BBQ.

Cocktails can be…. well, not healthy, but healthier!

Have you gotten into Pomegranate juice yet? I have. I’m addicted. It’s got a lot of hidden health benefits. Straight Pom juice, that is. Pomegranates have antioxidants, which are thanks to to the combination of polyphenols. One of them is punicalagin, as well as a very unique one that gives it its red color, anthocyanin.

With all the goodness to start with, adding a bit of alcohol can’t be all that bad, right? In my mind that’s what I tell myself, so we’re going with it. How can anyone resist amazing PomWonderful cocktail recipes like these?

Healthier snack options to nibble on throughout the day!

I’ve always been a lover of pistachios. When I was little, mom used to get the red ones. I think she did that so she could tell if I’d been cracking them open without her. Everyone in our house loved pistachios. It was hard to share. Over the years, she started to get the ones with the regular white shells. I’m not sure if the red ones were just no longer available, or she started to trust me, or just gave up and figured it was better for her house not to have the red dye everywhere. Whatever, I’m not going to psycho analyze it.

Now? You can get them without shells! It’s a beautiful thing. Wonderful Pistachios have a couple of flavors, too. I still love to snack on my straight up roasted and salted, but I’m not opposed to snacking on Sweet Chili flavored ones. Of course, I have to take the shells off of those, so being the lazy girl I am when snacking at a party, I stick to the ones that are already shelled. I don’t like to have to spend time away from my cocktails, just to get to a healthy snack. Crazy talk!

Plus, there a so many recipes you can make that incorporate pistachios. Salads, and main dishes, plus desserts, all featuring pistachios. Healthy can taste good, everyone. Believe it.

BBQs don’t have to take you off your healthier eating routine. You just have to be a little creative, and find things that will pack the flavor, without hurting you when you get back on the scale! What healthier food options will you be choosing at your next BBQ? Or, cookout? Or, a Saturday night evening with friends that happens to be outside in the gorgeous summer night? Share in the comments below.


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