Healthier Fruit Snacks from Funny Face Cranberries for the kids’ lunches for Back-to-School

Disclaimer: I was provided with some free product, plus a shirt, some balloons, a pencil, and a purple bag. All were provided by Funny Face Dried Cranberries, which allowed me to sample the products with my children, as well as write this review. Our opinions are always 100% OURS, and free product, and a t-shirt won’t have any kind of influence on the outcome of my review. As loyal readers, you all know I’m about sharing what I love, and being as transparent as a pane of glass!
Funny Face Cranberries Shirt

What’s on my mind today? Fruit snacks. What gets me worked up about fruit snacks? The CORN SYRUP being added to them. Plus, the SODIUM. Oh, and how about what’s NOT found in fruit snacks? Fiber. Absolutely no fiber, at all. Drives me Ape.Sh*t.Crazy.

Brands who make fruit snacks have varying amounts of sugar in their pouches of “fruit.” Now, listen, natural occurring sugar isn’t my issue. We all need sugar for our bodies to work properly. However, we don’t need EXTRA SUGAR. What drives me nutso? When they add things like corn syrup, and artificial colors, and gelatin, and then have the nerve to call their products “fruit snacks.”

Why am I ranting about fruit snacks in July? Well, as much as I hate thinking about it, school’s going to be back in session in September. When school starts up in September, it’s a struggle to find snack items for the kids. In their school they have not just lunch, but also a snack time, as well. I’ve got to send in a whole lunch, for one child who doesn’t eat bread, and another child who basically lives on cheese and bread.

As you can surmise, BOTH are pains in the butt to feed three meals a day. Now I’ve got to add a snack item into the mix for snack time?! I’m kind of struggling. My daughter can do a piece of fruit, no problem. It’s healthy, it’s going to give her some energy, and it won’t have to be placed in a fridge. My son? He’s a fruit snack eater. Totally hate it, but they are super easy to send him to school with…….don’t judge. I already hate myself every day because of it. I just keep telling myself: there is a speck of fruit in them, so relax. It’s the only super bad thing he’ll be eating all day.

Basically, when it comes to fruit snacks, the consensus with most moms out there? You’d be better off not giving them the fruit snacks at all, just send the kid in with a bottle of corn syrup, a soda, and some Skittles! Yeah, moms out there get super extreme. I get it. I’ve been hunting for an alternative, that won’t cost me a fortune, but will allow him a much healthier snack for school.

BA-BAM. It took me two months, but woooo to the hoooo, I found one! The kids and I have been turned onto something new. It’s something by the name of #FunnyFace Cranberries.

I call them fruit snacks, because if I don’t, The Boy turns his nose away. He can call them “snacks of death,” “fruits of hell,” “little bombs of doom,” for all I care. As long as he eats Funny Face Cranberries, and not the other corn syrup-ped, artificially flavored and colored, fake-ass fruit!

Funny Face has no sodium, no saturated fat, no cholesterol, no trans fats, and are just 100 calories per serving. Even better? They have 14 grams of the dietary fiber one needs for the day, and just 13 grams of sugar. Plus, they are actual DRIED CRANBERRIES. The cranberries are flavored with other fruits like Strawberries, Raspberries, Grapes, and my personal favorite, Cherry. No need for corn syrup, or artificial flavors, or artificial colors. We’ve got a winner folks, we’ve got a winner!

Funny Face CranberriesHow many kids do you know who HUG their fruit snacks? Says it all, doesn’t it? My son prefers the Cherry, my daughter loves each flavor, and hopes they come out with peach at some point. I totally agree with her! I’d even like to see citrus, too. Oranges and Cranberries go great together! Here’s hoping they add to the four flavors already being done: Cherry, Grape, Raspberry, and Strawberry.

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