HelloFresh offering 2 Free Meals

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It may not feel like Spring to some of us on the East Coast, but it truly is Spring according to the calendar. Since spring is in the air, my thoughts go right to spending more time outdoors. I want to enjoy the beautiful weather, and not be cooped up in the house after this horrible winter! However, it leaves me with a bit of a problem….dinner. It’s been established I’m not much for cooking on any given day. A lot of our meals are prepared, then frozen in our trusty Tupperware, so I can just pop it into the oven each evening. However, there are times it does have to be done on the fly at times. HelloFresh is a subscription box offering two free meals on all box purchases. It means, I’ll have a couple of “on-the-fly” meal options sent to me so I can make quick, healthy meals, without missing out on the amazing Spring weather with the kids!

HelloFresh offering 2 free meals

First issue I have with cooking

FINDING great recipes for my daughter and I to enjoy. Yes, that’s right. There are four of us in the family, but my two boys are so picky, they don’t like to eat anything out of their favorite food groups: macaroni, waffles, pancakes, french toast, dried out pork chops, mashed potatoes….get the picture? Yeah, good times, good times. My daughter and I eat a lot of the same things, and more importantly, she’s willing to TRY new things. My little superstar!

HelloFresh has great options right on their website, and all of them are healthy choices. You can choose the classic ones for the week, or the veggie ones. Plus, each one tells you the difficulty level of the preparation.

Second issue I have with cooking

Having to go to the store to get all the stuff the recipe requires me to have on hand. It’s pure torture for me to enter a supermarket to buy food. I like to eat food, so this is the ultimate case of finding my will power. I have none when it comes to food. Normal women get this feeling when they walk into a department store, and they see all the amazing clothing. Me? I could lose myself for hours in the food aisles. It’s not a good scene. I send the husband to get me what I need, and sometimes he doesn’t get everything, or tries to get substitutes for the items on the list.

I’ve repeatedly told him “I’m a crappy cook, if you find a substitute for something on the ingredient list, it’s going to cause me a panic attack, so STOP THAT.” He still comes home with substitutes. I think he does it on purpose. Just to see if I can adapt. So far, it just annoys me.

HelloFresh sends everything needed to make the recipe. EVERYTHING is fresh, and there’s no need to head to a store. It actually saves money, because there’s no temptation to buy other treats you see while hunting for the ingredients you need.

Third issue I have with cooking

Measuring all the ingredients out. It takes me forever. I never truly get it perfect. I end up wasting a ton of ingredients, because I only need a little cup of something, but I have a huge batch of whatever it is. What the hell do I do with a pound of fresh herbs I’ve never heard of until this recipe? Such a waste of money! Oh, and a waste of food, of course.

HelloFresh measures everything out according to the recipe. No extra, so nothing gets wasted. Now this is tricky, because if you suck at cooking like I do, there’s a fear you’ll screw up and need extra of an ingredient. What I’ve found is that it makes me more careful, and I pay attention to every little thing. I don’t get as sidetracked when I’m making a subscription box meal!

Finally, the issue I have with cooking

Cleaning up after all of my cooking. Unfortunately, HelloFresh can’t help me with that part! I’m on my own with that one. I’ll be training the kids to do this soon, so it’ll be great! Something to look forward to!

HelloFresh…maybe one day they’ll work on sending me a cleaning person in the box. What? We’d put air holes in the box! I’m not that crazy…..

In any event, when I try new things, I like to get a little deal with the purchase. HelloFresh has an amazing deal happening right now, and I’m telling you this is not one you want to miss. Learn more about HelloFresh and BUY IT: Spring into savings with 2 Free Meals on all box purchases from HelloFresh! Use code HELLOSPRING. Click here for healthy meals!

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