Simple and quick ways to earn cash using Cash Crate

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earn cash using Cash Crate
It’s easy to earn cash using Cash Crate. I’ve been using various websites to earn points, and have a ton I use to earn cash. If you haven’t checked out my book, definitely head here.

Simple and quick ways to earn cash using Cash Crate

Cash Crate is one of my favorite simple ways to earn cash online. How can people not love websites you can do the simplest of things and earn cash doing it? Everyone loves to read about the variety of ways of how I earn cash!

There’s a few places I earn cash, you can check all the ways out right here. However, today, I’m singling out Cash Crate!

I first joined this website in 2009, but left it alone, because I totally forgot about it. When I first started out, and in the throws of learning, I signed up for everything I read about. Much of what I signed up for I forgot about for months. Unfortunately, Cash Crate was one of them. Looking back, I could KICK myself for all the cash I failed to earn all that time! I re-discovered it in August of 2011.

What I do to earn cash with Cash Crate

  • Each morning I CHECK-IN, which earns me a couple of cents.
  • Then I head to videos, to watch a couple of videos.
  • Referring people to Cash Crate.

Is it going to bring in the big bucks, no. Especially since I don’t do surveys, nor do I SHOP through Cash Crate. I’m also not filling out any offers. I only earn cash with my check-ins and with my videos. It takes me longer to earn cash, but I definitely earn it!

You can also REFER people to the site.

  • You earn 20% of what referrals earn.
  • Also, you earn 10% on the referrals referrals.
  • You get a $3.00 bonus when your referrals earn their first $10.00.

Not too shabby, right? I thought you might like all those treats!

You can earn points with Cash Crate, too

Cash Crate also lets you earn points for prizes. Prizes like Amazon gift cards, or Old Navy gift cards, or perhaps you want to earn enough points for a Target gift card. There’s a ton of gift cards and physical prizes, like Nintendo Wii, available to redeem with your points.

It’s cool, I’m enjoying it. It’s FREE to join, so you really don’t lose out at all! I like having payments sent to me through PayPal, too. Super convenient.

Go sign up TODAY, here’s my referral link –> EARN CASH with Cash Crate

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