How to celebrate your birthday during quarantine

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Are you in the same boat as me? Wondering how to celebrate your birthday during quarantine? Usually we go out to dinner to a restaurant my son picks for me (it just has to serve alcohol, my only request each year). This year, that’s not an option during Long Island’s shelter at home orders from Governor Cuomo. With my client’s pausing their social media management and digital marketing services, I’m not earning a whole lot, so ordering from local restaurants isn’t an option, either.

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Celebrating your birthday during quarantine

So, what can we do on a budget to celebrate our quarantine-time birthday? Other than napping the day away, I’ve put a list together for all us quarantined Aries  and Taurus celebrators!

Cooking & Baking Together

Locked in with your family? Cook together! Or, have the kids do most of the cooking whilst you direct them. Kids will love helping, and it’s a gift not available in stores!

Living alone? FaceTime with a couple of friends and head to the kitchen “together” to cook or bake, or both! Heck, even if you’re just popping something into the microwave to reheat, as long as there’s food, drinks and conversation, perhaps a lit candle – that’s truly all that matters.

Movie Party

Before the kids go to bed, since everyone’s home anyway – snuggle in, fill the snack bowls up, and keep the party PG-Rated with a family-friendly movie. No kids at home, just you and your significant other? Netflix and Chill, if that’s what you desire.

Living alone, but want to celebrate your birthday? No worries. Gather your friends together on Zoom. Pop your favorite flavor of popcorn. Grab your favorite cocktails. Pick a movie everyone wants to see, or what the birthday girl wishes to watch, and laugh, or cry, together.

Play Your Favorite Games

We’re huge UNO players in our house. The kids can’t get enough of the game. I grew up playing it all the time, too. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to play card games and board games together! Just make sure the snacks you pick out for the fun aren’t greasy, or cheesy. No one likes dirty finger smudges on their cards and board game pieces! And pump up your favorite BIRTHDAY PLAYLIST!

Since I have a teenager in the house, I know about a little app called Houseparty. It’s got virtual games you people can play, and it’s a great way to gather friends together in one “house” to hang out, and enjoy each some much-needed company. Perfect way to hang out with friends during a coronavirus birthday.

“Head to” a Museum, Zoo, Theme Park or Broadway

Clearly there’s no in-person museum visits. However, there’s virtual tours available at so many destinations right now I can’t even list them. Instead, head to GoodHouseKeeping.com for a massive list that will provide you with an entire day of virtual exploring and fun. Another great list for exploring virtual tours is on Insider.com.

Want to enjoy a Broadway Show? You can hook yourself up with a free trial at BroadwayHD and enjoy a free week of shows. Just cancel it before the trial ends if it’s not something you’ll continue to use after the seven-day freebie.

At-Home Spa Day

Perfect day to do a little self-care! Even a little meditating to find your “calm state”. This works whether you’re staying home with others, or home alone. You can even FaceTime with friends, and enjoy facials and wine together! Or, if you’re like me, scotch and facials.

Do an at-home manicure and pedicure, complete with soaking your feet in a homemade foot soak!

As a fellow coronavirus birthday girl, I understand how difficult it feels staying home. Well, honestly, I always prefer being home. However, I like having freedom to make this decision for myself, and not have it forced on me by a pandemic. It sucks, for sure, but I’m trying to re-wire my brain to be grateful for another birthday and think of staying home as staying safe!

Be safe out there and make the most of celebrating your birthday in isolation.

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