How to Help Kids Get Plenty of Sunlight While Quarantining

It is no secret that children need sunlight to improve their mood, maintain their internal clocks and produce vitamin D. Unfortunately, the days of quarantining mean limited-to-no time at the playground, beach and zoo in many areas. However, this does not mean your children cannot get the sunlight they need every day.

kids get plenty of sunlight while quarantining

Helping Kids Get Plenty of Sunlight While Quarantining during a Pandemic

The following tips can help your children get plenty of sunlight while quarantining.

Open the Curtains

If your children are spending most of their days inside right now, be sure to open the curtains to let in the natural light. You may even want to move their school and play areas in front of the windows. If your children are not getting enough sunlight even when the curtains are open, consider getting a window glass replacement to let in more light.

Sit in the Front Yard

You should try to get your children outside for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day. You don’t have to stray far, just head to your front yard! You can play a game of cards on the front porch or bird watch from your front steps. If your exterior includes an actual front yard, an hour of playing with outdoor toys can make a big difference in their overall mood and health.

Play in the Backyard

Another option is to designate some time each day for outdoor play in the backyard. Let your children take a few toys outside for at least an hour of playtime, or encourage older children who do not want to play to read in the backyard. You need sunlight just as much as your children, so be sure to join them for an outdoor game or reading session. It is a great way to lose track of time during a period of staying indoors.

Go for A Daily Walk

It’s okay to go for a daily walk as long as you take precautions. Bring your mask and hand sanitizer and avoid crowds, and you and your children should be fine on your walk. You can walk around your neighborhood, through your local park or just to the store to pick up a few necessities. If you have a dog, this is a great excuse to get out of the house for a while.

Whether you are opening the curtains or going for a walk, it’s important to ensure your child is getting the sunlight they need each day. This way, you can maintain their mental and physical health even when you are spending most of your days indoors.

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