5 Useful Tips: How to Lead a Small Business

Running a business alone is a huge responsibility. Without help from fellow managers, you will have lots to balance and keep up. There are many successful small businesses that have mastered the formula of running a small business.

how to lead a small business

5 Useful Tips: How to Lead a Small Business

If you are struggling to lead your small business, here are 5 useful tips on how to lead a small business to help you get everything under control.

Hire An Assistant

Your assistant doesn’t have to be heavily involved in your business. Since your business is small, you may not feel like it’s worth having an assistant. The truth is, having extra help is what can drive your small business to receiving more customers. Handling everything by yourself with few employees is unreasonable. An assistant can complete tasks like social media management, advertising, scouting for new employees, and helping you plan weekly schedules. By having an assistant, you will avoid falling far behind, which is an issue that causes small businesses to fail. If you are willing to make the investment, an assistant can help you tremendously in the long run.

Setting A Positive Example

Your employees will follow how you behave and act as a result of your leadership. If you are negative, unclear on instructions, and tend to slack off, your employee will be likely to engage in those same behaviors. Focus on being a strong leader so that your employees can follow in your footsteps. Even when you are having a tough week, maintain your confidence that you will do well next week. Keep the spirits up in the work environment so that everyone can feel motivated to do their best.

Another thing to consider is how you handle customer service. Show your employees how to respectfully interact with customers. We all know those people who are harsh to those in the customer service industry. “When a customer like that comes to your business, show your employees that you can still treat rude people kindly, despite the conflict. You realistically have less than ten employees, so make sure that they all know they must reflect the business’ positive values,” says Tim Aniston, a business writer at Eliteassignmenthelp.

Be Careful When Hiring

The integrity and potential of your small business relies heavily on your employees. Ensure that anyone you hire is right for the job, and will listen to the goals and expectations you set on them. If it turns out people you’ve hired don’t listen to you, and are hurting your business, don’t fear firing them. Being a strong business leader includes careful staff management. If there are clear indications as to why an employee should be fired, don’t hesitate to let that employee go; risking your business isn’t worth it.

Healthy Communication

Especially when managing your business alone, you must prioritize healthy communication. Regularly talk to your employees about what tasks need to be completed. Make sure everyone is on the same page, so there’s minimal confusion. Try to host meetings on a weekly basis, or preferably daily, to reinstate the current goals that must be met. “Healthy communication is the most important factor about running a small business. Employees must always know how they can put in the work to help the business thrive,” reveals Judy Wilson, small business blogger at Essay Services. Healthy communication will help employees be able to speak up about any problems, learn more from you, and get along with their peers.


We all have certain strengths that make us capable of many abilities. Unfortunately, nobody is capable of successfully doing all types of jobs. This is why you must delegate with your employees, and let them handle the jobs they are best at. If your cashier is struggling, but your floor associate is better at using the till, swap their positions. If one employee can only handle managing two tasks at once, don’t swamp them with a workload they can’t maintain. Over time, you will be able to see which employees thrive in certain areas. The end goal as a leader is to help all of your employees feel comfortable with their assigned tasks and overall work position.

The objection you should focus on as a small business leader is crafting a positive, strong, healthy work environment. Most of the successful small businesses right now benefit from having a powerforce team, with an even more powerful leader.

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