How to Prioritize Your Low-Spend Wedding Budget

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With all of the fun and excitement of wedding planning comes the unfortunate task of figuring out how to pay for everything. Before you start figuring out how to spend your money, be sure to prioritize what matters the most to you. It’s possible to stick to your low-spend wedding budget!

how to prioritize your low-spend wedding budget

Tips on how to prioritize spending for your Low-Spend Wedding Budget

Here are four ways that you can manage your wedding budget and still pull off a beautiful day:

Examine Guest List

The best way that you can save money on overall expenses for your wedding is to reduce your guest list. Be sure to consider who you truly want to be present when you exchange your vows as opposed to who you feel obligated to invite. The costs can quickly skyrocket with each additional guest, especially if you are hosting a full dinner or open bar for your reception.

Choose One Wow-Factor Element

When you are on a budget for your wedding, you have to accept the fact that not every detail is going to be over the top fabulous. Instead, choose one wow-factor element to put your money toward. You should choose something that is important to you and your partner and that is reflective of your personality. For example, if you and your partner are foodies, you are going to want to probably divert a big portion of your budget into the reception food. If music is your passion, perhaps you want to hire an amazing band?

Do Not Skimp on the Things You Will Remember

It may be tempting to skimp on items such as photography and videography since this is a part of the wedding that your guests will not likely notice. However, you will come to regret not hiring the best photographer that you can in an effort to save money. Professional wedding photographers come at a high price, but you will never regret the money that you spent on capturing the moments of this special day.

Choose the Date and Location Wisely

Choosing to get married during an off-time will save you loads of money. For example, it’s substantially less expensive to host your hotel wedding reception on a Sunday afternoon than a Saturday night. Choosing to get married during the winter will also likely be more affordable than a peak season summer ceremony. Likewise, you can save on decor and flowers if you choose a stunning natural setting for your wedding and ceremony.

By focusing on your personal list of non-negotiable items, you can have the wedding that you have always dreamed about without breaking the bank.

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