How to save on transportation to and from the airport

It’s time. You’ve got your airplane tickets, your carry-on luggage and your one personal item for the plane. Your liquids are in the right sized containers, and easy to pull out to show security. The slip on shoes are on your feet, and you’re ready to head to the airport. The question is how to save on transportation to and from the airport. Hoping to have some good answers for you that will work in your situation when traveling the friendly skies.

How to save on transportation to and from the airport

  • The easiest way to save a few bucks on transportation to, and from, the airport is to ask a relative to drop you off, and pick you up. A husband also works in this situation, or perhaps a wife. If you’re not married, a significant other. If you’re single, hit up a good friend. Heck, it doesn’t have to be a good friend, just a reliable friend who won’t show up late!
  • If you’re not lucky enough to have anyone you can rely on, the next step is some kind of airport shuttle. There’s a ton of shuttle companies out there that allow people to book the shuttle online, or call to make a reservation. Many times, if you book online, the rate is cheaper than if you wait until you’ve arrived and decide to shuttle it. IF you’re attending an event, see if the event has a special promotional code to save a few more bucks. Perhaps you’re attending a family event, many times if it’s a wedding, or a big family event, the organizer of the family event probably hit up the local shuttle company and asked for a promotional code everyone can use. No harm in asking!!!

Depending on what area you’re flying from, or into, there are different shuttle services to use. New York is over-run by shuttle bus options. However, some areas have slim pickings for shuttle bus services, so hit the internet, to a search and find one that’s a good price, but also has a decent reputation. No one wants to be stranded at the airport without a way to get to the hotel, and no one wants to be stranded at a hotel while their flight takes off without them. The best way to go about finding a reputable service is to CALL THE HOTEL you’ll be staying at and ask for recommendations! Find out if it’s less expensive to book your service online, or if you can call them and do it over the phone for the same price.

The internet is a powerful tool, so once you’ve landed on how you want to go about transporting yourself using a specific shuttle service, start looking online for discounts and coupons!!! Ask the hotel if they’ve got discounts for the service since you’re a guest at the hotel. Always ask, it doesn’t hurt to ask. The worst they will do is laugh at you, mock you, and hang up on you…..KIDDING. I doubt they’ll mock you to your face, it’ll probably happen between the workers of the hotel. KIDDING, I’m just checking to make sure you’re still reading.

  • Last resort? A car service. Many limo companies, as well as some of the shuttle companies, offer standard fees for one-way airport trips. Again, shop around and get pricing. Almost all of them will probably hover around the same standard fee, HOWEVER, some include the tolls and gas, and some DO NOT. Get that information up front. No one wants to be stuck with a huge charge when they weren’t expecting it. You’ll also have to tip the driver. The most important part of this is SHOPPING AROUND, and asking for the “hidden charges” that might come up: tolls, gas surcharge, extra charges for late arrivals, etc. Know BEFORE you go!

Basics of saving on transportation to and from the airport

  • Ask about ALL the charges, and fees
  • Ask the hotel for recommendations for a shuttle service, and if discounts are available for being a guest of the hotel
  • Hunt for promotional codes online
  • Check if there’s a discount on pricing if booked online, as opposed to calling in the reservation, or even worse getting the shuttle without a reservation when you arrive at the airport
  • ALWAYS try to get a family member, or friend to drop you off – it’s not just to save money, but it’s also nice to say goodbye to a friendly face, not just a driver you just met

As for me and my trip to my local airport……it could be my husband, but since the kids have school that day, it might be my Dad. Let’s hope he doesn’t mind getting up at the butt crack of dawn!

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