How to throw the Best Backyard Barbecue of the Season

Summer is coming, and that means barbecue season. With the warmer weather and fresh air, barbecues are a great way to get together with your neighbors and show off your grilling mastery. However, throwing the perfect barbecue is more than just setting up the grill. By putting in some extra effort to make your barbecue more spectacular, you can be sure that everyone will have an amazing time at your backyard barbecue.

Prepping food for a Backyard Barbecue

How to throw the best backyard barbecue of the summer

Here are a few great ways to throw the best backyard barbecue of the season.

Maximize Comfort

You’ll want to make your guests as comfortable as possible so that they’ll have a more enjoyable time at your barbecue. Padded outdoor patio chairs give everyone more comfortable seating. Standing room only encourages guests to eat fast and leave faster. However, lots of seating in shaded areas will encourage conversation long after the food is gone.

Even if you don’t have a patio umbrella and fancy porch swings, you can still accommodate your guests’ need to relax with blankets spread under a tree. Perhaps rent canopies to put over borrowed folding chairs.

Season Your Meats

Adding some seasoning to your barbecued foods brings out more flavor and makes them more appetizing. Many brands of barbecue sauce contain herbs and spices, but you can also try seasoning your items on the grill with garlic or cayenne pepper. Sweet bourbon and lemon pepper seasoning can give your food some extra kick as well.

Many of the latest grills on the market are designed to enhance the flavor of barbecued foods with smoking options , as well as frying slabs. With just a little extra care, your food will stand out from the drab hot dogs and store-bought hamburgers so many rely on for their barbecue menu.

Include Meat and Non-meat Options

Along with classic barbecued meats like:

  • steaks
  • homemade hamburger patties
  • ribs

You can try adding some non-meat foods to the grill for more variety. Even if none of your guests are vegetarian or vegan, they may still appreciate the variety. It’ll help them eat healthy while still indulging. Barbecued jackfruit is a favorite for vegans, and meatless kabobs with mushrooms, potatoes, and onions make an excellent side to meat or meatless dishes.

Grilling some garlic-herb corn on the cob may also prove to be a hit, no matter what the dietary preferences of your guests. Gluten intolerance and celiac disease are on the rise. Setting aside gluten free buns from the rest of the food helps every party guest feel included.

Serve Fruit Flavored Water

While soda is a fun party drink, dehydration is a serious concern on hot summer days. No one wants a sugar crash to ruin an otherwise perfect barbecue. Water with fruit flavoring can be a healthier alternative to soda and other beverages that contain high amounts of sugar and caffeine. You can find bottles of fruit-flavored water in stores. Carbonated options are available in bottles or cans as well.

If you want to try making your own, you can add orange slices, blueberries or sliced strawberries to pitchers of water. This will not only help your guests stay hydrated, but is also a great way to support those who are watching their sugar intake for health reasons.

You can make yourself the talk of the neighborhood by throwing the right type of barbecue. Everyone at your gathering will surely show their appreciation for a job well done if you take the additional steps to host a great barbecue.

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