Is the health of your mouth holding you back?

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Is the health of your mouth holding you back? #LISTERINE #oralcare #oralhealth #dentalhealth [ad]

Ever smile without letting your teeth show? Are you always popping breath mints, because you feel like your breath stinks? Do you feel self conscious every time you get around people, and have to talk to them? Basically, is the health of your mouth holding you back? Well, good news, my people! Many of the oral care issues that Americans experience can be prevented, and adding LISTERINE® as part of a twice-daily oral care routine can help ensure your mouth is always on your side.

Is the health of your mouth holding you back?

Ladies and gents, dating isn’t easy. You’ve got to have the right attitude going into the dating scene, for sure. Hair looking good, check. Outfit hugging in all the right places, check. Shoes everyone else would kill for, check. Fresh breath, check. You’ve got all your boxes checked off, but does the person you’re meeting have them checked off? Yeah, as he walks closer you notice the hair is perfect, he seems to have ironed his clothes for the big date, and you can see yourself in his shoes, they’re so shiny.

Then he knocks you off your feet, but not in a good way. It isn’t a “swept you off his feet” situation, it’s a “something died in his mouth, knock you to your feet, and make you want to fake your own death” situation. Trust me. I came across all of it. Men who chewed with their mouths open (which Mr. Sunflower still does, and it annoys me, but it’s not as much of a deal breaker as bad breath;) men who spit when they talked; and my favorite, men who never offered to HELP pay. Classy animals, all of them. However, like more than 7 in 10 Americans, I consider bad breath to be a “deal breaker” in new relationships.

Personally, when I step out, even now, if I feel like my breath is not fresh, it determines how I look and feel. For me, it’s an easy fix. I don’t just brush with LISTERINE®, because doing that misses 75% of my mouth! It’s more likely germs are getting left behind and that’s going to cause oral care issues, like plaque and gingivitis, but also SUPER BAD BREATH. Instead of just brushing, LISTERINE® Antiseptic cleans virtually 100% of my mouth. Once someone starts using the therapeutic mouthwash, she’ll achieve up to five times healthier gums in two weeks, and up to nine times healthier gums in four weeks.

It all gets you closer to fresher breath, too. Oral care issues cause your breath to not be fresh. Pulling a little dental floss between teeth doesn’t hurt, it only helps, right?

I’ve been with Mr. Sunflower for 11 years, and married to him for a little over 8 years. Dating isn’t something I’m used to at this point, and I have been out of the game for a long time. However, I’m pretty sure no one is interested in a long term relationship with someone they have to talk to over the phone, just to avoid getting a whiff of bad breath! Keep those pearly whites clean, and germ free. Get the floss going, and scrape your tongue. If you find someone who gives you butterflies, but the butterflies drop dead when he opens up his mouth to talk, consider introducing your potential mate to LISTERINE® Brand products!


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Statistics used within this article are taken from the LISTERINE® Brand’s “The Social Impact of Poor Oral Health” Survey, Gfk, May 2015. To learn more about the LISTERINE® Brand survey, click here. 

*Additional Disclosure: I received LISTERINE® Brand products from Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc. and The Motherhood, as part of my participation in this LISTERINE® campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are 100% mine.

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