Keeping your family happy and healthy

If you want your kids to stay happy and healthy, it’s not an easy task. There are four issues you’ve got to address: diet, oral hygiene, fitness and general wellbeing. It’s not super easy to tackle each of these issues, and ensure your kids are staying healthy. Let’s see if we can go through them, so I can show you how to handle them. Or, at least, how I’ve tried to handle them!

Keeping Your Family Happy and Healthy

Oral Hygiene

Kids hate going to the dentist, and hate brushing their teeth. It’s an unfortunate, rather annoying, fact of life; that’s never going to change. It’s up to you, super mom or dad, to keep oral hygiene in check.

First, regularly take your kids to see a dentist, whether they like it or not. My son hated the first dentist our insurance covered for pediatric dentistry. He cried, kicked, and screamed. It was a nightmare. However, we always made sure to take him, and the dentist had people to help her handle the situation. Guardian Life,as well as EDP Dental Plans, offer great dental plans that make keeping a check on your family’s pearly whites more affordable. Your dentist can tell you if there are any serious problems. That’s just one of the reasons you should see one. Little problems can become more severe if left unchecked.

As for kids not brushing their teeth, well you should know how I feel about that. While it’s true the teeth will fall out anyway, there is nothing to stop them getting gum disease, and building up plaque on the gums. As well as it sets up a worrying precedent. So make sure your kids are brushing! We have a little sand timer we use to make sure they brush for a long enough period of time, too!


How do we solve a problem like child obesity? We never let it get to that stage. I know there are socioeconomic factors to take into account here. However, there’s always a way to keep your kids from eating junk all day, every day. They should be having at least one, good, wholesome meal each night. Our family even packs their lunch boxes. You can decide if you put an apple in, or a chocolate bar. It’s hard to go back in time to correct junk food habits, trust me, I’ve lived my entire life trying to re-program my eating habits. Instead, let’s get the kids on the right track when they’re young so they can look after their diet as they grow. You’ll also be killing two birds with one stone by protecting their teeth from sugar damage.


Little Miss and The Boy are extremely active in sports: lacrosse, soccer, dance, Jiu Jitsu, tennis, and golf. If you’re thinking about how to get your kids more involved in a sport. I think I know the answer! Kids love playing sports with their parents, I’ve found. If you’re not interested in heading outdoors to take part, give the job to dad. Let him take them every weekend, and get them playing some sports outside of school.

General Wellbeing

Finally, by general well being I just mean the little things. For instance, you should regularly be checking your kid’s eyesight with an optician. Remember, if they can’t see the board, a young child won’t be able to tell you why. They’ll just end up struggling in school, and you don’t want that.

What kinds of things do you do to try and keep your family not just healthy, but happy, too? I know it’s not easy to tackle the whole family happy and healthy ALL the time, but I know you’ve got some tricks to make it happen once in a while!



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  1. Jenn November 4, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    My kids hate brushing their teeth. But we got them some vibrating toothbrushes last week. So far, it’s made it fun enough that it’s not a nightly battle to get them to brush their teeth!

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