The Kia Niro is the new kid on the block

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The Kia Niro is the new kid on the block. I met him back in July of 2016 in San Diego. He caught my eye, but you know…. I didn’t fall in love. My heart was set on a Kia Sportage. True story. However, after getting to know the new #KiaNiro – I’m smitten with him. Yes, him. I know most people consider cars female, but me? I always refer to them as male. Niro, he’s a keeper. No doubt. And I’ve named him Stitch.

The Kia Niro is the new kid on the block

The Kia Niro is the new kid on the block

Let’s just say, when driving the Niro in sport mode, the Kia Niro corners like a race car. I’m not saying I went over any speed limits, but I will tell you when doing 80 miles per hour around a corner, damn thing felt like it was on rails. To steal from a famous movie line from Pretty Woman “this baby must corner like it’s on rails.” Well, it does. I had total control every time…. wait, I mean, I have heard the person driving had control every time. Yeah, that’s what I meant.

I kid, I kid. Basically, what I’m trying to say is….. I felt safe no matter how fast I came around a turn. Who knew San Antonio could be so curvy. Where I live, we’ve got lots of curves. We’ve got lots of hills. There’s lots of need for a solid car, that can take a turn and can handle well. I’ve got kids, I need to feel confident the car I’m driving will react quickly when I adjust. Kia Niro, surprisingly, does. Don’t be fooled by the Hybrid, he’s all muscle.

Safety first in the Kia Niro

Backing up in a busy school parking lot? Kids running everywhere? Yeah, it’s a recipe for disaster. Kia Niro – he’s going to make sure you don’t back up over any kids, even the little bratty ones. KIDDING. He’s going to show you what’s behind you, with a camera to see what’s happening behind your car. Plus, if you suck at backing up into a parking spot – you’ll be golden, now.

Not great at staying in the lanes while driving? No worries. Kia Niro will beep at you when you drift into another lane. It’s also going to help you with your blind spots when driving. Want to switch lanes on the highway? Sure, you check as you always do, but if you start to switch lanes and a car you didn’t see is there, Kia Niro will let you know with a warning to get back in your own lane!

Why did I fall in love with Kia Niro?

Beyond the safety awesomeness, I fell in love with the little things Kia Niro has to offer. I drove the Touring one, and it had heated seats, sure. However, it also had a heated steering wheel. WHAT? Yes. It also had a spot to charge my phone, without any chords. Just pop it on the little flat spot on the console, and bam. Charge while you drive.

Oh, and the fact that we’ll save on gas, because yes, Kia Niro is a hybrid. It doesn’t drive like one, but it is definitely a hybrid. It’s just a better made hybrid with a double clutch automatic transmission. Oh yeah! It’s even more special because for my family, there’s plenty of space to put my mom’s walker in the back, or even a wheelchair for her.

What truly sold me on the Kia Niro?

Yes, I fell in love with the Kia Niro for a combination of legit reasons: the great way it drives, along with the savings it provides on gas, and the space it provides for passengers and gear. The cherry on top? Since my mother had her heart attack and stroke a year ago, most cars are very difficult for her to get in and out of. None of the seat heights are good for her. The Kia Niro? It’s perfect for her to get in and out of when she uses her walker.

I’m SOLD! Just take my money, please. However I can figure out how to make my mom’s life easier these days, I’m going to do my darndest to make it happen. I don’t know how I’ll do it, but my goal is to have a Kia Niro in my family! Wish me luck.

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