The New Kia: which one do I want in my driveway?

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I’m no car expert, I just know what I like. Around here, I share what I like, and what I like, is Kia. Which Kia do I want parked in my driveway from the new Kia line-up I just experienced in San Diego, with an outstanding group of Kia executives? Is it too much to say all of them? Hey, a girl can dream, right? In all seriousness, four stood out as ones I’d love to have parked in my driveway! Want to know which ones? Good, because I’m going to tell you!

The New Kia: Which one do I want in my driveway?

The New Kia: Which one do I want in my driveway?

Three models drew me to them, and a fourth was a sort of runner-up, if you will. Each have unique reasons why I’d love to see them show up in my driveway, for sure. However, all of them share one thing in common: quality. Each car in the Kia line has superior quality, and this is an opinion shared by many, as evidenced by J.D. Power placing many Kia models on their “bests” lists. Total mic drop moment, don’t you think?


Kia Sportage 2017 Crossover vehicle

Kia Sportage is the perfect fit for me, my family, and my heart. I completely fell in love with this little baby, and I even loved the color I drove through San Diego during #TheNewKia event in July. I’m sure others would prefer a more mainstream color, and normally I go for silver cars, but there’s something unique about the burnished copper color. Gorgeous. My second choice would be silver, of course. Sparkling silver, to be specific.

The car handles like a dream, and I had no issues with learning how to use it. I’m not used to the whole “push the button” to start the car thing. I still use a key, in the ignition, to start the car I own right now. Totally love starting it up with a push of a button, and got used to having to have my foot on the brake when hitting the button. Favorite part of the car? Not only do the seats heat, but they cool, too. SWEET.


Kia Soul

I’ve always looked at the Kia Soul and didn’t get why people bought this car. It’s not what I’d call the cutest car. I’ll say it, it’s an odd looking car. It is. However, the odd shape has a real use! It makes it a much safer car for new drivers, and drivers who do not have their full range of motion in their necks. Why? It reduces blind spots, because that’s how it was designed.

Again, normally I’d go with bright silver, but for some reason I’m drawn to the green of the Alien 2 color. I mean, if you’re going to drive an odd looking car, you might as well go all out, right? Granted, there’s not a new model for 2017, but they do have two options. You can go with the regular Soul, or Soul EV to help save that gas money! Personally, I’d like anything with the navigation system, so either version works for me!


Kia Niro 2017

Kia Niro is the cutest dang thing Soul has come out with in a long time. I mean, Sportage is adorable, but the Niro you want to just put in your pocket. It’s cute, and will be very popular with those who like to get up to 50 miles per gallon from their automobile. BAM. Do you need to know more? Okay, fine. I’ll give you a bit more! It’s Kia’s first Hybrid Utility Vehicle (HUV.)

It’s my kind of crossover vehicle: sporty, driver feels elevated, cargo space, and doesn’t sound like a toy car that can’t make it over a hill! Hybrids are going to have to all up their games, because this little baby is going to leave them all in the dust. It’s cute enough for a petite thing like me to drive, yet butch enough for even the most manly men, to drive.


Kia Sorento

We can’t count out the Kia Sorento, though. Yes, I love the other three, but I have to say, driving the Sorento was sweet! It was the first car someone from Kia showed me that there was a charger for my cell phone right there in the console of the car. You know, that middle part of the car, between the two front seats! It’s not just for storing things, as I found out when we popped the top of it up, and BOOM, there was the phone charger. Even better? Another one in the back, for a passenger!

When I got into the Sorento, I thought it might a bit big for me to feel comfortable driving around San Diego. It wasn’t. Having the back up camera, and the little safety indicator when changing lanes, makes driving the Sorento a lot easier for someone who might not be comfortable with a little larger of a car. Trust me. I wasn’t familiar with San Diego, at all. I managed just fine through the streets, and then all the way up the coast! Smooth riding in traffic, and on the open road. It’s a winner in my book, for sure. So glad it was pre-loaded with directions, that’s for sure. Love a navigation system that lets an owner pre-load directions!

Which Kia would you want on your driveway?

Find out more about all the models Kia offers and choose which one you’d like to show up in your driveway. Each car has unique features, but all of them offer the same amazing warranty of 10 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Go find your favorite Kia! Test drive a couple of them, and I promise you’ll love how well they handle. Plus, all the safety features – I truly believe you can’t go wrong with a new Kia.

*I was invited by Kia Motors to experience the full line of Kia automobiles at #TheNewKia event in San Diego. They hosted us at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, fed us amazing food at Gaslamp Quarter restaurants Rustic Root, and Tin Fish. Plus, gave us a treat by bringing in Rock Out Karaoke, San Diego’s best live band Karaoke group, to entertain and include us! All opinions are my own.

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