Lobster Risotto made by November Sunflower thanks to PeachDish

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Over and over, it has been well-established that November Sunflower is not meant to be in the kitchen. I burn myself on the toaster oven at least once a day, and the smoke detectors go off at least once per day. Personally, I think it’s because they are just overly sensitive. I try not to take it personally when they go off, each day. Anyway, recently I was asked to do a fun post about spicing up date night. Part of the fun was getting a meal from K-Y. A code to PeachDish came with the purchase. SWEET! I pushed off the fear of cooking in my own kitchen, and ordered up a meal that I would enjoy: Lobster Risotto.

Lobster Risotto made by November Sunflower thanks to PeachDish

Basically, by the time I got my code to place my order, it was late in the week and I didn’t have a lot of choices for my PeachDish order. I chose Lobster Risotto because I love risotto, and lobster is one of the only seafood I eat. I wish I was a seafood lover, since it is so good for you, but I just can’t even stand the smell of it most of the time. However, the other options for the same week weren’t things I would consider eating. I even looked around the vegetarian options, and still, the risotto called to me.

The fact that risotto is not an easy thing to cook didn’t escape my attention, either. Trust me there. I just figured go big, or go home. Now thinking about it, I was going to be home already, so that wasn’t the best way to pump me up for the big cooking experience. Whoops! In any event, I chose my meal and waited anxiously for it to arrive.

lobster risotto #peachdish #lobsterrisotto

You will note that yes, it was a code that came with the K-Y purchase for date night. Please, also note, this meal wasn’t going to be consumed by my husband. He won’t eat fish, and he’s experienced my cooking before, so he’s less gung-ho about sampling my kitchen creations. I don’t blame him. Even though our daughter seems to enjoy a lot of what I do try to cook, he’s not buying it. After being together for over 10 years, I’m okay with his decision. One day, he’ll come around. The day of my lobster risotto adventure was not that day.

It all started with grabbing my beautiful, fresh ingredients out of the box. It had everything I would need to make my meal, except for the water I needed to create the broth for the risotto. Plus, if I wanted to add a bit of salt and pepper to the dish, that wasn’t included, either. I tell you this not to complain, obviously. I tell you this so you understand EVERYTHING you need truly does come in the box. I even got a tiny little bottle of cooking wine, and pats of butter. Fresh bay leaves, lemon, shallot and dill were all included in the box, and my lobster meat!

I didn’t have to go through the recipe and make a list of ingredients I needed. I didn’t have any overages, because when sending my husband to the store, he gets what’s there and you cannot just buy a little bit of dill, or two bay leaves. After I make the recipe, I have no use for the extra stuff, so it’s a waste of money and food. PeachDish doesn’t send more than you need, so it’s a bit of “do or die.” You either get it right, or you’re screwed. Hey, bring it on, PeachDish. I can handle it!

lobster risotto #peachdish #lobsterrisotto

Best aspect of the entire process? The instructions were easy to follow. Ingredients were kept simple, and the instructions were just as simple. It’s the key to why I came out with a great looking lobster risotto, and shockingly, a really delicious dish. I was heavy handed with the lemon, because I love lemon. If someone else was sharing this dish with me, I would have done less lemon for them.

A few downfalls in the process? PeachDish only sends exactly what you need, which if I had screwed one thing up, I would have been out of luck. However, the instructions were so simple, once I got going, I knew I would be fine. I’m also a big eater, so this dish would NEVER have been enough for two people in my home. My husband, even if he wanted to have a little bit, wouldn’t have gotten the chance! I made it while everyone was out at Jiu Jitsu, so Little Miss was totally mad when she came home and I had eaten the whole thing. Hoping I can re-create it with the recipe card, and sending the hubby to pick up the ingredients at the store. Although, he’ll probably be annoyed having to purchase lobster meat. I’m sure it’ll have to wait until we can find it on sale, OR if PeachDish offers this particular dish again!

Visit PeachDish.com, and when you place your very first order, please feel free to use my referral code Dza2eFy3 so you can score $10 off your first order!

lobster risotto #peachdish #lobsterrisotto

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