Managing depression when living your every day life

Managing depression when living your every day life isn’t something that comes easily. It doesn’t matter who you are, it’s going to take a lot of starts and stops. Know there’s not one thing wrong with struggling to find just the right formula to managing depression. Just keep moving forward. Ask for help. Each of us has a different journey to travel, but I’m happy to share some of my starts and stops to show it can be done!

Managing depression when living your every day life

Managing depression when living your every day life

Managing depression every single solitary day requires different things for different people. All I can do is share things I’ve incorporated into my daily routine. Some days I do all of these things, some days I only need one, perhaps two, maybe even more, in order to manage my depression. It’s all a learning experience. A learning experience that’ll never STOP. I adjust things. Add things. You get the picture!


Now, this is a real thing. When I’m stressed, I find I don’t necessarily “hold my breath,” but I do find when I’m going “through some shit” I forget to breathe. It doesn’t occur to me until I HAVE to take a breath, so I don’t pass out. All of a sudden I feel my eyes throb, and my head get this floating on a cloud feeling. Then I remember, DAMN. I have to take a deep, cleansing breath, or I’m going to pass the hell out.

Then, there are times, it’s not about forgetting to breathe, but rather a need to sit down. Concentrate on the breathing process. In. Out. I watch my chest inflate, then release the air through my mouth. When I focus on the breathing, it takes me out of my head, and the chaos happening within it.

So, yes. BREATHE.

Distance from those who suck the life out of you.

Distancing myself from people who suck the life out of me is a big one. I give a lot to others. I’ve had to learn, the hard way, not to be the strong one for everyone around me. Even the strongest people need a bit of a break, and people love to suck the life out of me. If I let them, it’s my own fault. I’ve had to learn this fact. It’s not their fault, it’s my fault.

When I feel the need, I just distance myself from people draining me. Some of them are decent people, however, they don’t understand the concept of GIVING, just the concept of taking. I’ve learned to accept them for who they are, and in turn, learned how to take care of myself without having to ask them to change who they are.

Talking to someone.

Touching base each day with some kind of therapist, if possible, is exponentially helpful to me. Online help is my go-to. I’m not one to sit on a couch, and talk to someone. However, it’s just important to talk it out with someone you trust. A trusted friend is great in a clinch, but relying on one friend all the time can be a drain for that person, so spread it around. Find a couple of friends, and a therapist, and be aware of how difficult it can be for others to handle depression.

However, never NOT talk to someone.


If you’re not listening to music each day, it’s a travesty. Unless you’re not a lover of any kind of music. Are there people out there who don’t enjoy listening to music? I can’t even process that information. When I’m feeling super anxious and amped up, right on that cusp of rage, and I’m thinking “what am I missing here, what’s going on?” Well, 9 out of 10 times, it’s because I haven’t had music playing for the day.

Or, I have been out, and haven’t had access to music. School functions are the culprit for those. I’m not allowed to wear my earbuds during a class party for the kids, you know? I have to be present, and involved. Parenting…. it isn’t easy, my friends. Music helps! 

Surrounding yourself with positive energy.

Positive vibes. As mentioned above, get rid of the negative Nellies in your life. Pump up the music, whatever you love to listen to, dance to, or relax in a bath, to. Read beautiful quotes from your favorite authors, and poets. Perhaps, pick up a book to help inspire your positive energy. Write a bit in a journal. Pick up a pen, and some paper, or even a notebook, and write. Don’t worry about grammar, or punctuation, or if what your writing makes sense. Just write, get all the dark out of your head and onto paper.

Then, move on, and head outside for a walk. Grab your favorite take out, sit outside, and enjoy the sunshine. If it’s raining, head to a movie that’ll make you laugh. Pick up a guitar, sit down at a piano, whatever…. just, find something that’ll bring out the positive energy.

Find something to take care of.

I’m a mother, so I’ve got two little humans to take care of on the daily. It’s a given. However, that becomes overwhelming, as I have to “learn them some stuff, and teach them right from wrong, and discipline, etc.” Having my kids to take care of can sometimes send me into a state of anxiety. I doubt my choices all the time. So, for me, I need something outside of them to take care of to help with depression.

I find when I’ve got my dog sitting clients at the house, or I’m out walking one of the dogs I pet sit for…. it gets me focused on something else, other than what’s going on in my head. Decisions for a dog are far easier than for my children, plus, my kids don’t lick my face to show they love me. Well, not anymore. That’d be weird at their ages.

It also takes me out of a rut. I can’t keep a plant alive, but bring me a dog, and it’ll be loved, it’ll thrive, and be well taken care of.


I briefly mentioned writing in a journal, to surround yourself with positive energy. It’s a good way to get your thoughts out on paper, and then release them from your mind. It’s also a great way to create a different way of thinking. Create a different outcome.

When I’m in the thick of my anxiety, or depression, I sit down and type at my keyboard. I rewrite my endings, so the ones in my head are no longer allowed to take over. Instead of a current situation ending poorly, I create a happier, brighter ending on paper. What you manifest in your mind often comes true, so I like to reprogram my mind. Make those manifestations positive.

Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy, if you will.

Managing depression is tricky, and it takes a bit of self discovery to figure out what works for you. Plus, I have to tell you, some things that worked in the beginning, didn’t work in the middle, but work again…. it’s a journey, just hang on and take it day-by-day.


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