Medicare supplemental insurance: help with Medicare & Medigap

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Do you have people dealing with medicare supplemental insurance? In my family, a few have hit the age bracket, and are on Medicare. Unfortunately, it’s not enough insurance. Honestly, it’s a joke. If you have medicare, definitely research to find supplemental benefits.

Medicare supplemental insurance: help with Medicare & Medigap

There’s not just Medicare, you know. It’s Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. BOTH of these “parts” only cover about 80% of medical bills and expenses. Seriously, no joke. Now if you’re on Medicare, you’re usually older and on Social Security, perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a pension, perhaps a little retirement fund. However, getting coverage for just 80% of your medical is not enough.

Medicare is crazy confusing

It’s CONFUSING trying to find the right plan for yourself when your hunting and researching Medicare Supplement Plans. Not much help was available when the Medicare changes took affect. I would have LOVED something easy to plug my Nana’s Zip Code into, so a ton of free quote options appeared. Especially living in New York, where our older generation is not as respected and as taken care of as it should be. How can I explain what it’s like dealing with the Social Security and Medicare offices?

It’s akin to PULLING YOUR TEETH OUT ONE BY ONE, whilst having your TOENAILS yanked out of your feet.

However, it doesn’t matter where you live, as there’s a website to help find options for supplemental insurance. I recommend comparing all of the options. Sure, the website says compare three. Just compare them all.

It also has a great section on their site that explains Medigap, along with a spot where you can check out the plans by STATE.

IF you have family who are heading into the Medicare system, please check this site out and start your search without so much stress – like my family did!

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  1. Shannon Gallagher December 22, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Both my parents are on Medicare and it just doesn’t do what it should for them. I really wish they could just be fully covered (never gonna happen) and not have so much to worry about. They have health problems and limited income. This country should take care of its older generations!

    • November Sunflower December 22, 2011 at 12:46 pm

      They forget about the older and the younger, too. It’s really upsetting. I am right there with you. Once my parents hit a certain age, they are mandated to go to medicare, even though my father worked in a union and retired with full benefits. It’s crazy. And when my Nana went on it, it was insane because they were doing major changes to it. We went around in circles trying to figure out what kind of gap coverage she’d need. And once you signed up for one kind, it was a year before they’d let you change anything. So you had to get it right the first time.
      FRUSTRATING. I totally understand what you mean.

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