Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic Supplement: The Report

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I’ve been using Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic Supplement for just shy of two weeks. I took a fantastic trip to Sam’s Club, it was my first time there and I was impressed by the store and the staff. If you didn’t read the post about shopping at Sam’s Club to enhance your digestive health.

Member's Mark Probiotic Supplement

Probiotic supplements for improved digestive health

I started taking the pills the day I bought them. It was a Friday, so I took my pill labeled, you guessed it, FRIDAY. Genius, right?

Like almost everyone else in the world, I seem to have issues when I have to much dairy. Which is a huge problem for me, since I’m Italian and we like our cheese – everything we eat has cheese on it, right? Plus, I just love cheese in general. Unfortunately, my stomach gets very GURGLY and I feel sluggish the following day after packing in the cheese.

I also HATE yogurt, unless it’s those whipped ones that taste like dessert treats. So eating Activia just wasn’t going to happen here, so the pills were the way to go. I took my first pill late in the day and did NOT eat any dairy after I took the pill. So my stomach was totally fine the next morning. No real workout for those probiotics!

Then I put the pills to the test. I ate a ton of cheese, which is normal for me, but I also took my Saturday pill (I love how they label them-I always know if I took my pill that day). I then totally forgot about it, didn’t even think about it until I was about to take my Sunday pill. And then I remembered that I had gotten up, without issues, no feeling sluggish and gurgly in the belly arena.

I popped my Sunday pill and continued on with my regular eating habits. Let’s just make this short and sweet: I had pizza four days in a row (not good for my cholesterol, or heart) and didn’t have a single stomach issue. I was kind of shocked, because I didn’t think the pills would work that well, so fast.

I continued with the pills through the following week and weekend and I’ve been really happy with them. No bloating, minimal to no gurgling and they are easy to swallow along with the other supplements I take for my heart. It’s been fantastic not being in pain. I do have to cut back on the cheese intake again, I got a little spoiled and was eating a ton of it. Probably put on a few pounds and the cholesterol is not happy, but I had to do a GOOD TEST of these pills, right? You all understand and support my horrible eating habits – I did it all FOR YOU.

I’m giving these pills a huge THUMBS UP. They have made dairy a pleasure for me to eat. Plus, they got rid of that horrible bloating. Thanks Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic Supplements. You rock it out!

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    Gurgly – bad! Cheese – GOOD!!

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