MommyParties MixPups Party Experience

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A big MommyParties Mix Pups Party experience went down in the books. Mix Pups are a brand new line of pose-able, collectible, pocket-sized puppies for kids. Mix Pups are a collection from Jazzwares featuring various accessories, as well as play sets, so kids ages four to seven can play, pamper and enjoy their Mix Pups collectibles.

MommyParties MixPups Party Experience with Little Miss

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MommyParties knows how to make kids smile

Last week, out on my front stoop I found a huge box of Mix Pups products. Packages of pups, accessories and a play set were all inside this fantastic box. Off we started to invite our friends and family to enjoy the goodies we had received on our doorstep. It was short notice, but we intrigued a few little girls and their mommies – and got them to come and party with us.

Mix Pup Close Up

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Party with Mix Pups

Our morning started with a game. I cut out little orange bone shapes and numbered them, one through six. I hid them in our front yard, so once the girls arrived they hunted for their hidden bones with the help of their moms. Everyone came in with their “bones” and I handed out the corresponding boxes. All the girls couldn’t wait to get the pups out and let me tell you, the first words out of most of the moms’ mouths “the packaging is so easy to open and get these things out. I love it.” Score for the Mommies!!!!! Less whining and more fun!

While the girls checked out their new pups, they snacked on some treats and most of the moms chatted and helped their daughters with all the pieces. Moms wrote names on party bags. As the kids finished up their snacks, all the pieces from the pups were safely in their party bags. After snacks, it was time for crafts.

Crafts are a must at a kid party

Every kid decorated a “dog tag” with with stickers, markers, stamps and scissors. They went to town decorating and writing their names on them. I think this was the highlight of the morning! They loved craft time.

Mix Pups Accessories

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Experiencing Mix Pup playsets

Following up craft time was PLAY TIME. The girls had a blast playing with the spa play set. I think they were all fascinated with taking the hair off of the pups, and switching the hair with other hair. All in all, they had a blast. The girls needed  a bit of help swapping clothing from one pup to another pup, however, mommies were happy to assist their kids. The moms thought the Mix Pups were great.

My Little Miss was beside herself! Little Miss loved being the “hostess with the mostest.” Having the girls over to play, and share all of the pups brought a smile to her face. It was a great time for all the girls and the moms!

Little Miss at her Party

The “hostess with the mostest.” Photo by: ZF Photo

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