New Year, New You: Trying out “healthy” with subscription boxes

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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale! Get a 3 Month Subscription ($30 Value) For Just $10! Use Promo Code Wowzas Today and Save!Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale! Get a 3 Month Subscription ($30 Value) For Just $10! Use Promo Code Wowzas Today and Save!

It’s a new year coming, and you know you’ll be promising yourself one of these things: to eat healthy; get healthy; be healthy. How does one try out this eating healthy, and being healthy thing? Is “trying out healthy” really something that can be done? Or is it all, or nothing? Honestly, you can make a slow transition by testing out some healthy stuff, seeing what you think, and not shocking your entire world with a major change! I promise. It’s all in how you approach the health. It can be done with a monthly subscription box to test the waters, and Bulu Box is probably the best I’ve seen out there! A strong second is the Nature Box.

New Year, New You: Trying out healthy with subscription boxes

Discover the health and subscribe to Bulu Box TODAY! It’s so worth it when you use the WOWZAS code at check out! The subscription for Bulu Box will help you get the healthy started, without breaking the budget you’ve just instituted for the new year. You’ll get to test out four to five premium sample sized goodies. If you love anything from the box, go ahead and buy a full size version of what you love. If you don’t love it, no worries. It didn’t cost a lot, there was free shipping to have it sent, and now you’ll know what you don’t like!

In life knowing what you don’t like is just as important as knowing what you do like, isn’t it? Heck, I spent a lot of money on a college degree to learn I had no interest in being a professional broadcast journalist. I wish I had a monthly subscription box for college courses, that would have saved me a bundle!

You fill out some surveys, the samples sent are based on the surveys. Simple. You can shop for items you love on the Bulu Box website by category, including Paleo, GMO Free, Gluten Free and many others. Love the samples from the monthly box, then buy the full sized products. It’s a win-win.

Enter into “healthy” slowly with your monthly subscription and fall in love with health each month with Bulu Box!

A solid runner-up, in case you want a second option, because you know I’m all about options my friends, is NatureBox. They even allow for a trial sampler so you can check it all out before you commit to the monthly subscription. Very cool, and another happy little helper is when you sign up for your very first NatureBox, you get $5 off.

Once you sign up, you can either have NatureBox choose your snacks, or you can choose them. They also have a great partnership with Feeding America: for every box the company delivers, they donate one meal through Feeding America.

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