Keeping New Year Resolutions on Valentine’s Day

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Keeping New Year Resolutions during the holidays isn’t all that easy. February’s almost here, and so’s Valentine’s Day. A day filled with:

  • indulging in chocolate
  • romantic meals
  • getting all pretty-ed up for the big day

It’s difficult keeping those “taking care of myself” resolutions. How does one do this without going totally off the rails, and throwing out all the resolutions made a month-and-a-half ago? Being a resolutions keeper isn’t as hard as you think.

new year new you on Valentine's Day

Keeping new year resolutions on Valentine’s Day

Let me help you create the perfect look, and the perfect meal, but keep in the New Year, New You mentality. The key: keeping Valentine’s Day simple.

Manicure & Pedicure

Let’s start with nails. Personally, I prefer doing my own manicures and pedicures. It’s less expensive, and I love the process of doing it myself. First, I start with a little exfoliating scrub on my hands, and feet. It doesn’t matter if my feet will be jammed into shoes that won’t show off my toes, because after the meal is done, it’s nice to have soft feet for whatever may come next. You know I’m right!

Once I prep everything, I hit up the cuticles with a little Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum from Julep.com. Once the cuticles are done:

  • base coat
  • my favorite color
  • a top coat

A trick to get them to dry faster? I use Julep’s Ta-Da! drops. The kids normally help out, and OF COURSE, Little Miss ends up getting her nails done, too.

julep nailpolish collection

Skincare & Make-up

Skincare can go a few ways…. if you’re into natural, and no chemical beauty products, it’s a much different skincare regime than if you’re not into going organic, and natural. Neither is right, or wrong. It’s just a matter of preference! All that truly matters: treat your skin well, because it’s all a part of staying healthy!

If totally natural products aren’t your thing, that’s cool, too. Just use high-quality cleansers, apply sunscreen and moisturizers! It’s the best way to combat wrinkles.

Vegan. Organic. Glam

Once you’ve got everything clean, and moisturized, if you’re NOT like me, you’ll apply a little make-up. If I had the patience, and the artistic hand, I’d probably create a beautiful face for myself. However, I’m way too lazy, and I’m not sure anyone would recognize me if I went beyond my basic Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment from Julep.

It makes my lips feel like silk, and that’s really all I need for Valentine’s Day! Well, basically every day. It’s just important to take care of not just your skin, but your lips. Winter’s just dry out EVERYTHING. Keep the promise you made to yourself when the new year arrived: take care of yourself and do a little pampering once in a while. Self-care, people. Self-care!

What to eat

Skip going out. Seriously. Cook a meal together! Not just any meal, of course. Don’t worry about food shopping, though. Instead HelloFresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your home each week. Cook fast healthy recipes designed by nutritionists and chefs. It’s the perfect way to have all the best ingredients, so you’re keeping your resolutions to eat healthier meals, whether on Valentine’s Day, or EVERY DAY.

One of my resolutions for the year: cooking more. After years of having cluttered countertops, one of the first things done in the New Year: clearing the clutter off my kitchen counters. All the new space allows for a much calmer cooking experience, no matter who’s in the kitchen with me.

HelloFresh delivers almost everything you need along with the recipe. Subscribers choose their meals from a weekly menu. My favorite part of the subscription plan: you can skip weeks whenever you wish to skip.

Another favorite part: all the ingredients are farm fresh, and come in recyclable materials! It’s all about keeping those new year new you resolutions: staying healthy, treating yourself well, eating healthy, etc.

Whatever the resolutions were on January 1st, there’s no reason to stray from them just because it’s Valentine’s Day, right? Pamper yourself with fantastic products that aren’t going to harm you, eat farm fresh meals, and put on clothes and shoes that look good, and DO GOOD.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Share below in the comments!

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