New Year New You: Super Bowl Sunday

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We all know the Super Bowl is the first real “test” of your will-power after you’ve made your resolutions for the new year. The food comes out, and you start to sweat. The alcohol starts flowing, and you’re ready to jump out the window. It’s hard to say no to all the food, beer, wine and other assorted goodies. It’s hard, I get it. #TheStruggleIsReal for all of us. Super Bowl Sunday is a test of all the will power one can muster up, and the only way to have a fighting chance is to stock up on healthier snacks. <enter boring eye roll here.>

New Year New You: Super Bowl Sunday

Healthy snacks and Super Bowl Sunday. I know, they don’t really go together. Just “read me out.” Consider making better choices, but still snacks. We all know there’s going to be a little cheating on the resolutions on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s just about trying to lessen the huge blow you’re about to cause to your resolutions!

Let’s say you usually chow down on chips and salsa. Generic brand chips and salsa. Name brand chips and salsa. Whichever one, they’re both probably on sale and stockpiled for the big game. Serve that to the masses, and perhaps for yourself, put Way Better Snacks Simply Sweeet Potato Tortilla Chips , or Xochitl Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips and Salsa Xochitl out instead.

Healthier alternatives means those 2015 resolutions will not take too hard of a hit, right? Are you inclined to put together a little cheese and crackers plate? Did you think there weren’t better options for the crackers? You would be wrong. How about ORGANIC buttery, flaky tasting crackers with your cheese? No joke! Late July Classic Rich Organic Crackers have to synthetic pesticides, no trans fats, no corn syrup, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. YES, another save for your resolutions! As for the cheese? Get quality cheese from your favorite local store. Nothing from a can, my friends. Stay away from the spray cheeses.

Now, let’s tackle your drink situation. TRY to stay away from the beer, wine and alcohol. If possible, stay away from those sodas you love so much. However, if you can’t totally give up your cherry cola obsession, head out and get some sparkling spring water and pick up some Organic Fair Cherry Cola Soda Syrup, which true to its name, is organic.

Listen, I’m not saying all of these choices are going to work for your particular tastes. All I want to show you is there are options! You’ve got to think outside of the box, and not always go straight to big name stores. There are fantastic options online, and there’s free shipping on all purchases over $49 at Abe’s Market. SWEET, I know. Thank me later, for now, go shopping before it’s too late! Super Bowl Sunday is approaching quickly!

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