Pinterest victory with a recipe for Mushroom Asiago Chicken

I use to complain my daughter was a picky eater. It’s crazy thinking about it now, because everything I attempt to make she tries. We have a lot of wins, and we have some loses. Let’s just say I combined all of her favorite things chicken, cheese, and mushrooms in this recipe and she loved it. Thankfully I made extra of this #pinterestwin of a recipe! We’ve got another pinterest victory with a recipe of Mushroom Asiago Chicken from The Midnight Baker blog! 

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Chicken, mushrooms, and cheese are always three ingredients I’m a fan of. Asiago cheese is a top cheese in this house. Who am I kidding, we love all cheese. It’s my downfall when it comes to dairy. I’ll choose cheese over ice cream……and the sharper the cheese, the better. It appears that my Little Miss is a lot like her mom. Poor kid. She’s in for a rough ride if she forgets to take her probiotics!

#cooking #recipe #kidsinkitchenNeedless to say, the Mushroom Asiago Chicken was devoured. I put it over angel hair pasta (the healthy non-white flour kind.) It soaked up all the extra creaminess from the sauce and it was DEVINE. It takes a bit of time to make, because you’ve got to do everything on the stove top. There’s no slow cooker option on this one. I chose to do this one before the shoveling had to be done outdoors on our recent #polarvortex snow storm on Long Island!

#pinterestrecipe #chickendishIt’s going to be a go-to meal around here. I’m going to make sure I’ve got a spaghetti squash in the fridge so I can use that as a little cradle for my Mushroom Asiago Chicken, instead of any kind of pasta. It’ll be fabulous! Looking forward to making this one many times throughout the years!

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