Pinterest victory with a recipe for Oven Tacos

#pinterest #recipe #oventacoAs soon as I saw a photo of Oven Tacos on Pinterest, I clicked on it immediately. It led me to Mommy? I’m Hungry! Food Blog. I couldn’t have been happier to find this recipe. I’m a taco lover, and so is my Little Miss. The boys in the house don’t love them, so me and Little Miss got to enjoy the fantastically cooked oven tacos without having to share! It’s a pinterest victory with a recipe for Oven Tacos!!!

What is November Sunflower turning into? Could she really be someone who cooks on the regular? I doubt it. With our crazy schedules, I’m scrambling to get the kids fed before activities like Jiu Jitsu, tennis, lacrosse, and dance. There’s the occasional school event, or on the weekends a fund raiser for lacrosse, or even a library program for the kids. It’s non-stop activity, and cooking is such a difficult thing to keep on top of. However, there are occasions when mama gets to cook. Shockingly, my Little Miss actually enjoys what I make, so that’s been a huge driving force in my goal to figure this whole cooking thing out!

Seriously, check out the cooking action happening in my cast iron pan (yes, we have one and yes, it gets used often by my husband.) It’s blue, and it’s fabulous. Check out my cooking skills!!!

#cooking #browningturkeymeatDon’t adjust your monitors, kiddies. It’s ground turkey, not ground beef, so that’s why it looks a little different. Once it’s cooked up, and the taco spice, which is NOT from a package, is added – you’ll never know it’s ground turkey. I promise! Loading the meat into the tacos is so much easier with the flat bottomed taco shells (those are from the package, let’s not kid ourselves here, I’m far from making my own taco shells.)

#oventacos #tacos #pinterestWe even had a few of the suggested toppings: tomatoes, sour cream and lettuce. I love guacamole, but I don’t want it on my tacos, nor does Little Miss. I also enjoy Salsa, but  not on my tacos. Little Miss likes olives, but I don’t, so those were left off too. I stuck with what I know: tomatoes, sour cream and lettuce. It worked out just fine for us!

#pinterestrecipe #oventacosIf you want the full recipe, check it out and print it over at Mommy? I’m Hungry! Food Blog. She’s got great stuff throughout the blog, definitely hang out and read for a bit!


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