Positive changes LASIK eye surgery has made in my life

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Never had to wear glasses? You’ll probably not understand the positive changes LASIK eye surgery has made in my life. Contact lenses can help some people, for sure. However, for me, they were never an option. Putting contacts in, then taking them out, every day, sent  me into panic attacks. Plus, long term, the expense? Not for me. LASIK eye surgery was my best option.

Positive changes LASIK eye surgery has made in my life

Positive changes LASIK eye surgery has made in my life

Headaches took over my world when I wore glasses. It didn’t matter how often I got them adjusted; the frames, the prescription, it just never solved my issues. Plus, wearing glasses is a royal pain in the backside when you play a sport. Basically, my lifestyle didn’t work well with spectacles on my face. Once I received LASIK eye surgery, the positive changes ruled my world.

No more headaches

Freeing my life from daily headaches caused by the frames sitting in all the wrong spots, was life-changing. I spent years headache free, until I had my son. But that wasn’t glasses related, that was nutrition related. In any event, when you live without constant pain, from morning until night, life becomes beautiful. Grouchy behavior falls away. You look forward to the day, and smile a little brighter, each day. I was so used to the headaches, I didn’t realize how miserable life was, and how it affected my treatment of others.

No headaches made me a much nicer human. It’s just a fact. After LASIK, I became a lot easier to be around.

Expenses went down

Every year, I’d have to have a new prescription in a new pair of frames. I didn’t have the pleasure of vision insurance, so it was very expensive. Life also has a way of breaking glasses, for a variety of reasons. Replacing broken frames, or lost lenses, was a huge burden on my expenses. LASIK wasn’t inexpensive, by any means, but it ended up saving me money over the long run.

At close to $250 per incident…..didn’t matter who caused the break of the glasses, or lenses to be lost, the money had to be paid. I couldn’t go around not being able to see, you know what I mean? Life happens. I didn’t want to miss out on life, just because my glasses might not survive. After LASIK, I didn’t worry as much!

Sports became a bigger part of my life

Ever try to play tennis while wearing glasses? If you notice, there’s not many out there doing this. I believe the last pro player I remember watching, that was a superstar, was Martina Navratilova. When I’d watch her play, she was constantly pulling them off to wipe the sweat off of her face, and the glasses. It is beyond annoying to play any sport while wearing glasses, and tennis is one of the worst. It’s not like we can wear protective goggles to keep them in place.

Glasses are a distraction while on the tennis court for so many reason, but the worst is having to adjust them after every dang point. My favorite was when the point would go long, and for whatever reason the darn things would just fall right off. ON THE COURT. It hurt my game, for sure. After LASIK eye surgery? It was easier to see the ball, and it was a relief not to have to fidget with them. I was more focused, and it was a lot more freeing and fun!

Playtime with my nephews, and niece, became more fun

At the time of my surgery, I had two nephews, and a niece. Since having my surgery, another nephew arrived, plus two of my own sunflowers entered my world. Playing with kids, when you don’t have glasses on, makes life more peaceful. Let’s be more specific: when you’ve got babies in your life, glasses are a beacon for little baby fingers. Grabbing them off your face becomes a favorite game, while bending them, becomes their second favorite game. Expensive little games, if you know what I mean!

Whatever the reason for wanting to correct vision, it’s important to look at the entire picture of how LASIK will change daily life. It’s not just about seeing clearly, without glasses, or contacts. It’s about the positive changes LASIK eye surgery will have on your lifestyle.

Start researching on the American Refractive Surgery Council’s website, it’s filled with so much information, it’ll blow your glasses right off.

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