Premium #McWrap is huge value for your money

Disclaimer: I was invited to try out the newest McWrap meals. Wraps were given out to all of us in attendance. All opinions are my own, and there was absolutely no compensation for this blog post.

McDonald's McWrap with Fries

I’ve never seen a wrap as big as the one McDonald’s has come out with. The new Premium McWrap is a lot of food, for a $3.99 price tag. Truly, it’s a full sized meal that actually tastes good. At least the one I tried, Chicken & Bacon McWrap was really tasty.

Let’s be honest, it’s McDonald’s, it’s fast food, it’s not your “healthy option” if you’re looking to eat clean, and never allow fast food into your mouth. Everyone understands this concept. However, if you’re someone who likes to indulge once in a while, it’s a great value! I’m a healthy eater, and if I’m out and about, sometimes I just want to “indulge” in fast food. I grew up on these types of things, and I’ve only been adjusting my diet the last two years. I still go for McDonald’s – it’s just not as often!

I’d totally get another one of these. I’m still a fries lover, so if I’m going to get fast food, I’m heading to the closest McDonald’s so I can at least grab a small fry, and a meal. Now I have a meal option I’m pretty content with, so I don’t just order a small fry and side salad.

The McWraps come in three “flavors,” but there are two chicken options for each, so it’s a total of six different wraps. You can get Sweet Chili Chicken, Chicken & Bacon, or the Chicken & Ranch. All three flavors come in grilled chicken, or you can get crispy chicken.

Sweet Chili Chicken has sweet chili sauce, creamy garlic sauce, and sliced cucumbers, along with spring greens, and shredded lettuce. The tortilla wrap comes WARM! Chicken & Bacon has a creamy garlic sauce, bacon, cheddar/jack cheese, sliced tomato, spring greens, and shredded lettuce. It’s also in a warm tortilla wrap. Finally, the Chicken & Ranch has ranch sauce, seasoned rice vinegar, cheddar/jack cheese, cucumbers, sliced tomato, spring greens, and shredded lettuce. Guess what? Yup, warm tortilla!

Again, are they the healthiest treat you’ll find in all the land? Of course not, it’s FAST FOOD! However, they are also not the WORST things you can get on the planet. All the nutritional facts are always on the McDonald’s site.

McDonald’s invited me, and the kids, to check out the newest additions to their menu, and I have to say……it was a great chance to learn more about the wraps, and see an NBA sports guy put a wrap together. Thankfully, he’s got a day job, because his skills aren’t in the McWrap wheelhouse!

McDonald's & Knicks

Of course, wherever we go, my son always makes a new “gal-friend.” I reminded him he’s only four, so he’s got to set his sites on the younger gals……..

McDonald's & The Kids


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