Protecting our environment whilst saving money with ENERGY STAR®

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ENERGY STAR® Sound Bar at Best Buy [ad] Protecting our environment

Protecting our environment is definitely important to me, and my family. Totally. One hundred percent. But….you know what we think more about, right now, living on Long Island? Saving money. I speak the truth, and I know others out there feel my pain. The electric bill in our home is out of control, and there’s seriously no reason for it. Well, I mean, we use a lot of electric. Especially since I work from home. However, we’d pay more if we didn’t have ENERGY STAR® goodies in our home.

Protecting our environment whilst saving money with ENERGY STAR®

First things first: protecting our environment. It’s well-known, by using less energy we help the world around us. Best Buy gets that. They offer a large selection of energy-efficient products, which happen to include ENERGY STAR® certified consumer electronics, and appliances.


Need a dryer? Consider heading to Best Buy to hook yourself up with an ENERGY STAR® dryer. They use 20% less energy than most conventional models. The KEY to the ENERGY STAR® products? They don’t screw you on performance. Plus, they have all the features a homeowner needs for their dryer. I know, I couldn’t live without the steam cycles, either. Does anyone actually still use an iron anymore?

ENERGY STAR® dryer at Best Buy [ad]


Personally, I’m not a big television lover. I watch so little of it, but the rest of my sunflowers do enjoy their shows. What makes shows sound better? Apparently Sound Bars! What makes the one paying the bills even more excited? Having an ENERGY STAR® Sound Bar purchased from Best Buy, so the one paying the bills can save money!

ENERGY STAR® Sound Bars are up to 50% more efficient than conventional models. Sweet! If you’re really talented at this Best Buy shopping thing, make sure to get a great deal on an ENERGY STAR® television! Save money and energy every time the television is on.

Tips to save energy in your home

I’m not expert on the environment, or saving energy. I just trust in the products that save energy. In our home, the appliances, and technology, used most often, are saving on energy. It’s a must, because no one can afford much of anything these days, right? Bills just pile up, and as much as you hustle, you still just squeak by.

Best Buy has much better tips to save energy in your home, and luckily there’s a video to help all of us out! Check out the video here –> Best Buy Tips to Save Energy in Your Home VIDEO


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