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Disclosure: I received one year of FREE Speakaboos membership. The company did not ask me to write a review, it was a gift for my kids, and I chose to write about the Speakaboos App, and website. Why? I’m hoping you all know by now I share what I love…….and I love to share!

Speakaboos AppReading. It’s something my daughter loves to do. It wasn’t always something she loved, though. She ran into some issues while at school, because of how they “screened” her ability throughout Kindergarten. Our school systems are kind of going down the drain. I wish I was kidding, but with Common Core taking over almost every school in the country, it’s a sad state of affairs. All kids are basically being pushed into being “common” and there’s no room for kids who learn in a different manner, like say….MY DAUGHTER. Enjoying the learning process is no longer promoted, just teaching so kids can pass state tests…….

Now, listen. I know all parents say this about their kids, but I’m going to tell you right up front, my kids are good kids, and smart kids. Little Miss, she’s a fast learner. However, like her mom, she’s a visual learner. She needs to be able to draw things out. Plus, she doesn’t respond well to being “screened” all the damn time. Every time she turned around in Kindergarten, she was being asked to perform like a damn circus monkey: read to me little monkey, as I sit here with my notepad, pencil, and stop watch. The kid froze up, and wouldn’t read for her teacher, or for any other teachers that were screening all the kids. Once I found out how they were doing it, I told them to KNOCK THAT SH*T off, and let her sit with a book, and just OBSERVE her. Wait until she’s done reading, then go write your notes.

Guess what? The kid went from being the worst reader, according to their stupid screenings, to one of the BEST readers in her class. Well, look at that…..Mama knew best, not the state, or the school, or “race to the top.”

How’d I know she could read so well? It’s rather simple….my daughter would spend hours reading books. We’d take books out of the library, and she’d just read. I’d let her read next to me, while I was working, or reading. I’d stop, correct her, and she’d always learn from her mistakes. Sound things out. Score for the kid! Huge hassle for me, because the library is extremely far from us…..and the books take up so much room on our kitchen counter! Now it’s easier, since she reads chapter books, which take her longer, so we take LESS out at one time!

Well, my son…..he’s a special case. He loves to be read to. However, he refuses to read anything on his own. He’ll have books in his bed with him, but he’ll make up his own stories. It’s fine. He’ll learn from his teachers when he goes to Kindergarten. However, right now, while he’s in his “read everything to me” phase, it’s a problem. Little Miss reads to him, I read to him, his Daddy reads to him…..and he just wants MORE. The three of us have other things we need to accomplish, like eating, sleeping, and working. What’s a family to do? I’ve got the answer!

A few months ago, I was invited to check out a new app and website called Speakaboos. I happened to bring The Boy with me to the unveiling of the app. The new app brought stories to life on the iPad. Beautiful graphics, classic stories, and all on the iPad.

Needless to say, he was in love. He asked every week if it was on the iPad yet! Finally, last week, I was able to download it, and start our one year membership!

Speakaboos can be downloaded onto your iPad, and it has books, and music, kids can listen to. There’s a free trial, but you can also get a membership, which allows your child access to a ton more stories.

My son is in heaven. He’s being read to, but he’s also following along with the highlighted text as the stories are being read to him by CELEBRITIES! Over 100 books being read by celebrities like Jason Ritter, Kelly Ripa, Kevin Bacon, Nick Cannon, and so many more! He’s loving the music, and how the stories come alive with sound effects. The amount of books he has access to as a member, is phenomenal. I’m not lugging books to and from the library all the time.


It gives me a bit of a break. He’s being entertained, but learning without realizing it……and it gives me a break. Wait, I said that already. I’ll say it again! It gives me a break!!!!!

The Boy gives it a thumbs up, and so do I. Honestly, everyone in our house is loving it. We let #Speakaboos read with The Boy, plus I love hearing the stories being read, too. I’m doing the membership for the year, courtesy of Speakaboos. However, if you’re hesitant to spend the money for the full year, do it month-to-month, see if your child enjoys it. Our family thinks it’s the best money a family can spend for a child learning to read, and there’s only more things being released as the years go by! My son’s 4, going on 5. We’ll be using it for the year, and if he’s still into it, I’ll fork over the cash and get it again.

Speakaboos is total quality for a fantastic price!

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